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Life Interest in a Will

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Buttercup19 Thu 02-Feb-23 20:29:38

Is there anyone in the group that can help me please, if you have lost your spouse and they had a life interest put in there will I’d like to ask some advice please regarding filling in HMRC forms.

Whiff Fri 03-Feb-23 08:42:18

Buttercup.what is a life interest? And why is it in the will.

I was widowed 19 on Monday coming aged 45. Would have been my husband's 66 th birthday yesterday. After contacting all the companies I needed to put everything into the hands of our solicitor.

Witzend Fri 03-Feb-23 08:55:11

I have known a grandparent’s will to say that her 2nd husband had the right to live in her house until he died or had to move to a care home, after which the house would go to my father. Is that the sort of ‘life interest’ you mean?

Germanshepherdsmum Fri 03-Feb-23 09:27:07

Do you mean that your husband has died and, in his will, left the house to you for your lifetime and then to, say, the children after you died?
What are these HMRC forms you’re talking about?