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I Am Pilgrim - Terry Hayes

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GrandmaH Tue 24-Jun-14 10:51:15

This is a real page turner! I saw it in WH Smith's & decided I wasn't sure enough to pay £7.99 but got it on Kindle for £1.99 & haven't put it down since.(housework?? are you kidding!) 75% through it & now DH is reading it too having got fed up with me exclaiming every 10 mins.
If you like a thriller with a bit of forensic pathology & spies thrown in then you will love it. If you enjoyed Girl With Dragon tTattoo series you will love it too.
It is an American book & I don't read them often but it is very fast paced & totally absorbing story lines.
If I have any criticism it is that he could probably have got 3 books out of the plot but he has first novel syndrome & packed it all into one. Slightly odd prose at times but he is normally a screen- writer for films so that may explain it.
It is a long book so would be good holiday reading & one book would suit you both round the pool - if you can agree who is going to read it first.
I just hope I am not disappointed with the ending but I rather doubt he would do that to us!

NanKate Wed 25-Jun-14 07:25:44

That is a good recommendation GrandamaH. I have just bought it for my DS so shall get it back off him when he has finished it.

NanKate Wed 25-Jun-14 07:27:31

Meant to add, so I could read it.

Iam64 Wed 25-Jun-14 08:23:36

thanks, it sounds like an ideal summer read

Anya Sat 27-Sep-14 23:48:33

Loved it.