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The Book Bub - collates free book offers

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Grannyknot Sun 24-Aug-14 09:03:31

I just stumbled upon this website, which collated free or low cost books offers and sends an alert to your email (daily which might be a pain). You can set preferences for your reading tastes:

Grannyknot Sun 24-Aug-14 09:04:03

Collates not collated. Bed fingers.

numberplease Sun 24-Aug-14 17:33:40

It`s just for Kindle though, sadly.

Mishap Sun 24-Aug-14 17:36:24

I already get email alerts from kindle for their daily and others deals - is this something more/different?

Grannyknot Sun 24-Aug-14 17:44:32

mishap as I understand it, they collate from other sites not just Amazon, so I'm surprised that it is only for Kindle. Will check again where I originally read about it.

Grannyknot Sun 24-Aug-14 17:48:52

number the home page says "Read on any device, BookBub works with all major ebook retailers and devices. Enjoy books on your ereader, tablet, smartphone, or computer"

And Mishap it says "Build your library without breaking the bank
Our free daily email features limited-time ebook deals from top-tier authors and publishers, all free or deeply discounted" and "Less time searching, more time reading. We do the work for you. Our expert editorial team sifts through thousands of ebooks, selecting only the highest quality to feature".

Grannyknot Sun 24-Aug-14 17:50:45

... but I suppose the latter is what Amazon does for Kindle. Not sure, but I'll keep an eye and see where else they send books from. The first one I selected was Amazon.

durhamjen Sun 24-Aug-14 18:15:51

I get books through Hive. You can order online, then they get sent to your local independent bookshop.
If you do not have one close enough, they can be delivered free to your home address.

numberplease Sun 24-Aug-14 22:41:24

Grannyknot, I`m sorry, I phrased it wrongly, I didn`t mean just Kindle, I meant that it`s only E books that they deal in, and I only read actual books. I tend to buy mostly from Amazon, and nearly always buy used books at 1p, plus £2.80 postage.