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The author Sheila Stewart has died.

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penguinpaperback Sun 21-Sep-14 16:11:52
I haven't read any of Sheila Stewart's books but after reading of her life and some reviews of her books I am going to check out my local library.

Mishap Sun 21-Sep-14 17:17:42

Thank you for posting that - I will see if there are any on kindle.

Ariadne Sun 21-Sep-14 17:32:27

How interesting - she was born just down the road from here, in Appledore. Sounds really interesting - thank you!

rosesarered Thu 02-Oct-14 20:12:27

I may be wrong, but did she write Lifting The Latch? Set in Eynsham in Oxfordshire [I live near there.]If it was this author, she once came to my W.I. to give a talk on it, and seemed a lovely person.