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Faraway shore

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Nansypansy Mon 18-May-15 10:55:25

I have been scouring the charity shops for this book by Robert Hughes - has anyone got one I can buy?

J52 Mon 18-May-15 11:03:27

I usually resort to e bay for books that I can't find. x

Gagagran Mon 18-May-15 11:08:06

Have you tried your local library? They can sometimes access books from store if it is not held currently.

Ana Mon 18-May-15 11:23:27

Do you mean The Fatal Shore, Nansypansy, about the history of the birth of Australia?

There are some cheap 'used' copies on Amazon.

Riverwalk Mon 18-May-15 11:23:29

If you mean 'The Fatal Shore' Nansy there are loads on Amazon.

My first port of call is Oxfam Bookbarn but have just checked and they don't have it.

shysal Mon 18-May-15 11:27:14

Are you sure you have got the right title? A quick search on Ebay and Amazon revealed books by Robert Hughes entitled The Fatal Shore. I hope you find what you want.

loopylou Mon 18-May-15 17:45:39

I read this years ago, no idea what happened to my copy, sorry.

Nansypansy Tue 19-May-15 06:32:50

Yes, Fatal Shore. Silly me! I'll have another look on Amazon.

Lorie Thu 28-May-15 07:53:34

Read a long time ago but don't have it currently.