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The Big Blue Thing on the hill

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Littlemissactive Sat 27-Jun-15 08:31:17

Thank you for a copy of this lovely book. Can't wait to shre it with my grandson.

Elrel Fri 10-Jul-15 15:35:07

Lovely book, tucked away for when a surprise is needed! Like the idea that the little ones can be powerful. Not keen of those particular little ones in real life though!

Elrel Fri 10-Jul-15 15:36:51

Great book, unusual and attractive. Tucked it away for when my grandson needs a treat or distraction!

keriku Fri 10-Jul-15 19:45:32

I LOVED this book, the illustrations are wonderful-especially the dancing bears-a book which will have kids begging you to read and re-read it! Thank you for my copy gransnet!