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angie95 Mon 04-Jul-16 09:52:00

Thank you for my copy of The Other Side of the World,
Beautifully and poetically written, it tells the story of Charlotte and Henry, both slightly unhappy. Charlotte and a fairly new mum, feels hemmed in,only feeling free, once she is outside walking in the cold crisp air, Henry wants to move to Australia, and once settled, their lives begin to unravel, It is a book that will
stay with you long after the last page, So once again thank you Gransnet

Nonnie Sun 24-Jul-16 13:39:04

I've just finished this. Very intriguing. Two people who probably do love each other but want different things in their lives. I suspect if they had talked things through life would have been a lot easier for both. It is set about 50 years ago when information was not so readily available.

Only one thing I didn't like but if I say what that is it will ruin it for everyone!!