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Susan Hill Serallier book Amazon Kindle 99p to-day

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Floradora9 Sat 13-Aug-16 09:53:08

If you like a good crime read with a good storyline these are on sale to-day in the Amazon Kindle store. I have read them all but ordered a few old ones for " just in case I run out of books " Do read them in order and do be careful as they are not all 99p . I loved them when I first read them and his background story continues in each book .

annodomini Sat 13-Aug-16 11:30:59

Thanks for the tip, Floradora9. I have downloaded the first three. At present I am reading Tony Parsons' detective novels featuring DC Max Woolfe. The crimes tend to be gory but the character is interesting.

mumofmadboys Sat 13-Aug-16 11:40:43

I am also a bid fan of the Simon Serallier novels and have read them all twice!

mumofmadboys Sat 13-Aug-16 18:59:48

Should have read big not bid!!!

Stansgran Sat 13-Aug-16 19:40:10

I didn't know that Susan Hill wrote anything other than ghost stories! I down loaded this from BookBub. I've just enjoyed the Missing in Malmo series which are cheap and Scandi but by an English author and the first one has a Durham link.

mumofmadboys Sat 13-Aug-16 19:45:32

I like Susan Hill books very much except the ghost stories!

MrsJamJam Sat 13-Aug-16 20:19:07

These were recommended to me by one of those lovely random converstaions you can have in bookshops. So glad to have found them and have read the whole series. Wish she would keep it going!