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wondergran Thu 01-Feb-18 13:28:18

I was fortunate enough to win a runner up prize in a recent Gransnet competition. The book I won was a children's book called The Incredible Cabinet of Wonders. It's a fascinating book; one which will offer a wealth of knowledge to both slightly older children and adults alike. Each page is filled with a variety of doors to open which then reveals a hidden gem....a cabinet curiosity of a hidden museum artifact from around the world. Each page has so much information that it's a dip in and out of book. It opens up a whole new world of intrigue and knowledge which will keep its reader absorbed for hours on end.

gillybob Thu 01-Feb-18 13:39:00

Sounds great (and a bit different too) wondergran . What age group would you recommend this for?

My three are 8,10 and almost 12.