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Death of an Honest Man - review

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NonnaW Sat 21-Apr-18 10:31:42

I received a copy of this book as a runner up prize (thanks GN), and also received Death of a Ghost, both by M C Beaton.

I was really looking forward to reading these as I had read and enjoyed the author’s Agatha Raisin series, but had not yet read any Hamish Macbeth. Sad to say, I was very disappointed in these books. Maybe I should start at the beginning as the first few books in a series are often better than the later, and these two were 32nd and 33rd. I found the humour to be very clunky, and whilst the plot almost believable, the characters were cartoonish (and so many of them!). I found it quite hard to keep up with things as so much was happening within a few pages. The turnover in policemen was unbelievable!

All in all, disappointing, as I’d been very much looking forward to reading them. A light read, but requiring much concentration to keep up with the plot.

EthelJ Sat 21-Apr-18 16:16:43

I too won these books and am trying to plough through them. I am sorry to say I am finding it difficult. I enjoy crime fiction normally so I was looking forward to these as I've never read any Hamish Macbeth . However I can't say I am warming to the characters at all. I don't like Macbeth and don't feel any sympathy for any of the characters. The women are particularly unpleasant and more like caricatures than well rounded characters. I will finish both books and post a fuller review but I can't say I am enjoying them so far.

EthelJ Sun 29-Apr-18 10:12:32

I have now finished these books and think the problem I had with them is like NonnaW I came to these books new. There were lots of characters many of whom had backstories. I enjoyed Death of an Honest man more than of a Ghost because I was more familiar with the style, the characters and the humour. I even began to like Hamish and his location which was lovingly described through his eyes. I felt I could see the light evenings and experience the storm. I still think the characters seem like caricatures but understand this added to the humour.
There were a couple of editing errors that were annoying. Eg a _female policewoman_ is described and a girl in her early teens who is 12 _years old.
However I am glad I finished these books and I may even have become a Hamish Macbeth fan!

Glosgran Mon 30-Apr-18 20:06:43

I fully concur with NonnaW & EthelJ after wading through 'Death of a Ghost'. I too am new to Hamish Macbeth novels and usually prefer 'serious' crime novels rather than the 'humorous' genre. I found the plot lines confusing and a bit messy as well as stretching a little beyond belief. There were more characters than necessary and it made it difficult to remember who was who. I had begun to think that my brain was being more foggy than usual but, after reading the 2 previous reviewers, I feel less concerned about my mental capacity! I will read 'Death of an Honest Man' and may find it easier now that I've been introduced to some of the regular characters but I can't say that I'm over enthusiastic to begin reading it. I like the crime novels I read to be gripping and un-put-down-able.