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40 Children's books chosen by Beanstalk

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Elrel Tue 01-May-18 10:03:32

Today Beanstalk reveals its ‘Top 40’ children’s books for struggling and reluctant readers.
Find out which 40 books have been selected for our new starter packs - specially chosen to benefit all the children supported by Beanstalk reading volunteers across the country.
Read what Michael Rosen, Julia Donaldson, Andy Stanton, Kes Gray and many others think about being chosen for this exclusive set of Beanstalk books...
#ReadGrowThrive #BeanstalkTop40 Norfolk Children's Book Centre

Elrel Tue 01-May-18 10:11:19

This is an interesting selection of books including several my DGC have loved for years and some brand new ones. Anyone in a quandary about what to choose for a present could well start with this list and browse in a bookshop to see what is between the covers.
Many should also be available in libraries, this year many would-be local councillors will find themselves closely questioned about library provision in their areas!

NanKate Tue 01-May-18 10:49:23

In addition for anyone needing a few more book suggestions, do go to the Barrington Stoke website who also publish books for reluctant and dyslexic children.

Cherrytree59 Tue 01-May-18 17:34:00

Thank you all for the links.
I was actually about to investigate reading books suitable for children with dyslexia.

Our local library is fighting closure as we speaking for the second timesad