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missdeke Fri 11-May-18 10:04:57

I was lucky enough to win a copy of this book in the Gransnet competition. As soon as I started reading I was transported back to my teens in the 60s, although it was all the musical references and not, I hasten to add, the drugs that took me back. A thoroughly good read for everyone, even the grandkids, so they can see that we were not always as sedate as we now appear to be!!!

lemongrove Fri 11-May-18 10:18:02

Yes, I agree, I won this book too and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Greatest Hits by Laura Barnett is perfect for our generation,
Bringing back lots of memories and songs, when heard, that instantly transport you back to where you were at the time.
Both happy and sad memories for me.It’s fiction, but at times I found my life had many similarities to the main character Cass, especially the child and teenage Cass, even down to the long blond hair and a suddenly missing parent.
Well worth reading.

annep Sat 02-Jun-18 06:16:29

thanks for tip ?

DanniRae Sat 02-Jun-18 08:03:41

I won a copy of this book too and, having read these posts, I intend starting it today!
I had a great time in the 60's but definitely no drugs and hardly any alcohol............I was young and free and single and loved the music and the could I not enjoy myself? smile