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June Book Meet me at the Museum

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Greenfinch Wed 30-May-18 20:04:47

Thanks very much for my copy which arrived this morning.
They are quick off the mark this month. It looks like an interesting read and not too lengthy.I am looking forward to starting it this evening.

cornergran Wed 30-May-18 22:05:06

My copy also arrived today, thank you, I will begin it when the weather next lets me sit in the garden, as long as that happens within the next month hmm.

Pittcity Thu 31-May-18 11:07:50

Mine has arrived too!

annep Sat 02-Jun-18 06:18:34

book club??

Maggiemaybe Sat 02-Jun-18 20:01:27

Here you are, annep.

GN gives away 50 copies of the Book Club choice each month - you can enter the draw for one as soon as the new book is announced. If you sign up for the GN newsletter email it'll tell you when the draw's open and that'll remind you to enter before all copies disappear. If you're lucky enough to get a book, you need to post a review of it before the end of the relevant month.

annep Mon 04-Jun-18 11:41:35

What a lovely surprise this morning! Thank you. Can't wait to start reading. ?

MawBroon Mon 04-Jun-18 11:42:27

My book has just arrived - thank you!

matson Mon 04-Jun-18 12:57:57

Thank you for my copy.

Maggiemaybe Mon 04-Jun-18 16:56:45

Oh right. I thought you were asking what the book club was, annep. confused No matter, perhaps someone else found my post helpful!

annep Mon 04-Jun-18 18:13:37

Maggiemaybe Sorry I didn't respond. I was indeed asking what it was. I also got an email from GN telling me what it was. Its easy to forget to answer on GN. If we had a way to reply to individual comments it would be easier and quicker. Anyway, thank you very much for taking time to reply.

toscalily Mon 04-Jun-18 18:33:42

I was pleasantly surprised to get my book this morning thank you.

Alygran Mon 04-Jun-18 18:49:39

Mine too. Thank you.

Elrel Mon 04-Jun-18 19:04:04

Last night I finished Whistle in the Dark by Emma Healey who wrote Elizabeth is Missing. It is an intriguing story of motherhood which really keeps you guessing.

How lovely to receive Meet Me at the Museum this morning. I'm looking forward to starting it tonight!

Maggiemaybe Mon 04-Jun-18 19:13:58

You're welcome, annep. Glad you got a copy of this month's book. Mine arrived today as well, so many thanks, GN. smile

annep Mon 04-Jun-18 20:35:16

Maggiemaybe ?.

CariGransnet (GNHQ) Tue 05-Jun-18 12:24:59

You beat me to it again! But those who received leave your thoughts and questions on this thread. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Day6 Tue 05-Jun-18 15:07:45

Maggiemaybe, thank you. I found your post helpful! grin I was intrigued by the title of the book but wondered what I had to do to get one!

I'll have to sign up.

Maggiemaybe Tue 05-Jun-18 17:29:16

It's well worth it, Day6. It's lovely to get a free book through the post, and even better if you discover an author that you wouldn't have considered otherwise. Look out for July's offering in the middle of this month. And good luck! smile

Liz46 Tue 05-Jun-18 17:31:27

Thank you, my book arrived and I sat in the garden and started it this afternoon. I'll post a review when I have finished the book.

Purpledaffodil Wed 06-Jun-18 20:37:14

Thank you for my copy which arrived yesterday. Mmm! Hardback fiction! Luxury.?

Greenfinch Thu 07-Jun-18 11:58:50

I loved this book.It was so different from anything else I have read and the letter format meant I could pick it up and read it if I had a few minutes to spare because each letter was a separate entity and although there was continuity,each one dealt with a different aspect of the writers' lives.

I enjoyed hearing all about their respective families and friends and the letter format made them come alive somehow.The differences regarding their very different home lives was fascinating too.

Anders was a thoughtful and interesting character and ,although I enjoyed reading her letters, I didn't take to Tina and was glad she sort of got her come uppance in the end although it could be argued that she didn't really.I liked the ending which could lead to a follow up story and I liked the moral implications it left us with.

My question to Anne is"Do you think Tina was morally wrong and disloyal to engage in this secret letter writing with someone she had never met ?"

matson Thu 07-Jun-18 18:58:09

What a lovely book, I liked the format of letter writing.The bond between them was interesting , reading it unfold as it did, they used their correspondence as therapy sessions, counselling each other through grief, family problems and the great hindsights we encounter through lifes journey. Very enjoyable, pleased with the end, will there be a sequel?

Liz46 Fri 08-Jun-18 14:24:05

I have just finished Meet me at the Museum. matson, I think there will probably be a sequel. Surely Tina has to go and meet Anders? I found the book a bit slow to start with and was slightly irritated by the repeated references to raspberries which I thought was an effort to 'tie it all together'. The letters were thoughtful and Tina's marriage was interesting. It was an unusual book and if there is a sequel, I will read it.

Purpledaffodil Sat 09-Jun-18 14:00:36

I just loved this book and read it almost in one long sitting. I don’t usually like the letter format, but this was so well written, I found the subtle filling in of events and characters really enjoyable. There were several times when I felt like underlining sentences which really resonated with me. (I didn’t though, disapprove of marking books this way ?)
Unlike Liz46 I approved of the metaphor of life being like a row of raspberries, in which you may always see more at a second viewing.
I did like the characters of both Anders and Tina, although I have never been a farmer’s wife, I could identify with her frustrations and regrets. Not sure if a sequel is necessary, think “Car Share”?
My question to the author is the background scenery of Suffolk and Denmark seems very realistic. Did she spend a lot of time visiting and researching these places?

Miriam Sat 09-Jun-18 20:19:22

I really enjoyed this book, I loved the way we saw their feelings develop over time through their letters. I am not sure that a sequel would be a good idea I rather like the mystery of not knowing if they ever meet just incase they do not stay together.
I would like to know if there is another book in the pipeline and if so would it be the same letter format or a different style.