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Annaram1 Wed 23-Jan-19 12:26:07

I have taken several writing courses and am nearly finished writing a romantic novel. I thought it would be perfect for Mills and Boon but on reading a few of their books recently I was quite shocked to discover how much quite graphic sex is in them, so that they are almost like the Fifty Shades books. Although there is a lot of love in my book (its actually about a love triangle) there is no graphic sex, only implied. My family all know I am writing it and are eager to read it once it is finished.
If I write a few sexy scenes I am afraid my children and grandchildren will think I am a dirty-minded old lady.
I could easily write the scenes as I have read all the Fifty Shades and 4 M and B books. By the way M and B are nt currently accepting any new submissions. I may well self publish of Amazon.
What would others do in my situation?

Annaram1 Sun 27-Jan-19 13:07:09

Austin Macauley is not the only vanity publisher. I have been approached online by about 4 more. If they offer to publish your book and you have to pay them then they are vanity publishers. You have worked hard to write your book and a publisher should pay you, not the other way round.

Annaram1 Sun 27-Jan-19 13:10:02

AM always brags about how wonderful they are and what good deeds they are doing, supporting charities etc. They are still vanity publishers.
I am just wondering what they will say when they open my email demanding to know where my finished book is.

NotTooOld Sun 27-Jan-19 14:32:22

I hope you get that sorted Annaram1. Must be infuriating.

Jane10 Sun 27-Jan-19 14:35:01

In the shark infested waters I mentioned previously, Austin Macaulay must be the biggest shark!

BradfordLass72 Mon 28-Jan-19 06:30:15

It's incredibly difficult to get an agent or a publisher here in NZ, far more so than in UK which has a large population and access to Europe.
Publishing is a business and unless they know they can make a good profit, they won't accept you.

I know several talented writers who have gone to printers privately and their books look exactly like those on the shelves in bookstores - printing has come a long way.

A print run of, say 200-500 would allow you to make quite a nice profit for your own purse, rather than someone else's.

You can advertise free on the Internet or sell them at clubs you're part of, or have a market stall or give 10 or so to charities to auction or raffle off for their funds - and benefit by that publicity to sell more ...heaps of ideas smile

Annaram1 Tue 29-Jan-19 10:54:18

Thank you BradfordLass. The course I am taking suggests ways in which you can get your Amazon published book to be noticed. I am writing a short prequel which will be offered free . If people like it they should hopefully go on to buy my book.

Annaram1 Wed 30-Jan-19 10:28:05

MawBroom, could you elaborate please?

MawBroon Wed 30-Jan-19 11:36:50


Annaram1 Wed 30-Jan-19 17:04:30

Maw dear what on earth does that funny face mean? I just want to know where to find the bodice ripping stuff.
Please, pretty please ...

muffinthemoo Wed 30-Jan-19 17:26:01

After Maw's intervention, the comment about a "blow by blow account" has wrecked me

MawBroon Wed 30-Jan-19 19:03:29

annaram1 “dear” may I respectfully suggest you familiarise yourself with the “Smileys” section at the bottom of your screen.
You will see grinsmilesadangryconfused hmm wink and blush
I wonder which one you feel appropriate to your question?

MawBroon Wed 30-Jan-19 19:04:47

Oh and if you hadn’t noticed, the “Hanky, panky, spanky” thread was deleted a couple of days ago.

Jane10 Wed 30-Jan-19 21:28:47

MawBroon drat! grin

MawBroon Wed 30-Jan-19 22:24:31

Muffinthemoo gringringrin

Rufus2 Mon 04-Feb-19 04:29:37

"Novel Excuses;" by Bernard Salt: The Australian
Here's an interesting article you could discuss at your next book-reading session. I must say I agree with him!
Quote; "I have never read a novel in full. Ever! I am neither proud nor ashamed of this. I am simply a grown man who prefers the company of facts rather than fiction.
This is not to say that I am not an avid reader, because I am. I'm a voracious reader of newspapers,journals, magazines and works of non-fiction.
The fact that some people don't like to read novels is rarely discussed and if it is, then it is with reeling condemnation. How can you not read novels? Are you a Neanderthal?"
And so on and so forth! but so true! grin Good readings!

Witzend Mon 04-Feb-19 13:44:17

Annarami, if you want an agent, the Wrters' and Artsts' Yearbook will tell you who may be interested in the kind of book you write.
Also, authors often include thanks to family and agents in their own books, so that may give you a clue if you've read anything similar.
BTW, I don't think a 'weird' or non-happy ending will ever do for M&B! You really do need to know your market, know what sells, and what sort of reader you are targeting.

Finding an agent has never been easy, though, and I dare say it gets tougher all the time. I approached 6 before one finally took me on (a long time ago now BTW) and I had to do a lot of rewriting before she thought my novel ready to send out. (I'm happy to admit that it better afterwards - it can take a fresh eye to see what's wrong with something you yourself have read so many times.)
And that was a novel that ultimately did very well, including several sales of foreign rights.

And it wasn't my 'first' novel, BTW - I'd had plenty of rejections before that, and most published authors I know will say the same. I'm not saying this to put you off, but just to emphasise that persistence is often very necessary.
When you read about someone's 'first' novel, with a nice fat advance, it may well be their 11th, only the others never found a publisher.

Annaram1 Tue 05-Feb-19 11:11:28

Thank you all for your kind comments and ideas. I am going to try to get an agent by the end of the month and if I don't I will self publish. My niece has self published 10 books with Amazon.

Jane10 Tue 05-Feb-19 14:01:12

An agent by the end of the month!!!?
You'll be lucky grin

Witzend Tue 05-Feb-19 22:50:55

I have to agree with Jane. Successful agents are usually inundated - it was over 3 months before mine - the 6th I tried, because I'd thought she was one of the best who wouldn't be interested! - finally got back to me.