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hollysteers Sun 04-Oct-20 10:33:11

I hope this is allowed. I so enjoy writing poems. They are not Shakespeare, but I thought you might enjoy this.

Day Trip

They sat on the bus before me,
She dressed in lavender blue,
Her hair and her smell all pervading.
Sweet powder and scent,
Not that new..

We set off for Chatsworth so early,
I dozed as we tootled along,
But all through the long scenic journey,
I suffered so much with the pong.

I had my packed lunch there beside me,
But dreaded the mix I must say,
For lavender blue and cheese sarnies,
My delicate system could sway.

It is not for me to be cruel,
I too, belong to their years
And my own perfume and powder
May bring others eyes to some tears.

henetha Sun 04-Oct-20 11:30:05

I like that very much, hollysteers. I've been writing daft poetry for years and yours is much better.

Hetty58 Sun 04-Oct-20 12:26:55

Yes, very true. I once had a sneezing fit on a bus.

A woman sitting in front turned round and said 'I hope that's just hay fever and not a cold'.

'It's an allergy to perfume, your perfume!' I replied - and got many sympathetic nods of approval.

Squiffy Sun 04-Oct-20 13:10:09

I love that hollysteers and it's so true! Strong perfume and food = ?

Gransooz Sun 04-Oct-20 17:14:49

Oh I loved that! You should post more. Made me smile ?

Bellanonna Sun 04-Oct-20 17:24:35

A nice poem, hollysteers with a good message. I hate others’ perfume especially in theatres (those were the days) as I start to itch, and scratch myself. Please post some more.

hollysteers Sun 04-Oct-20 20:23:29

Thank you so much for your nice remarks.
Yes, I will post some more (don’t encourage me!)?