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Book for 13 year old girl

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faringdon59 Wed 07-Oct-20 11:44:58

Has anyone out there got any recommendations for books for 13 year old girls please?

Illte Wed 07-Oct-20 11:51:39

At 13 she'll have developed her preferences. You really need to know what she's interested in.

faringdon59 Wed 07-Oct-20 11:55:39

Well, she likes music, make up, fashion and is actually quite mature for her age.
But I'm trying to find some good quality fiction for her.

Ashcombe Wed 07-Oct-20 12:05:12

You could try putting the question in a Google search as I found lots of suggestions came up so you could research those for something that matches your request.

Illte Wed 07-Oct-20 12:11:41

It's the good quality that's the rub, isn't it? Like adult fiction, there's not much out there, in contemporary fiction. It's all a bit dumbed down to what will sell the most.

I know most about fantasy and historical stuff but it doesn't sound like her thing. 🙂

OceanMama Wed 07-Oct-20 12:27:25

Check out books by Melissa Bashardoust.

Greenfinch Wed 07-Oct-20 12:29:31

My 13 year old granddaughter likes all the books by Jacqueline Wilson especially now she is old enough to read the more mature ones. They tackle social and emotional issues that can broaden horizons. I wouldn't know if they qualify for " good quality".