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Is the Book of the Month Book Club still active?

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Glosgran Sat 12-Dec-20 10:10:48

I used to regularly receive emails from Gransnet with the details of the book recommended for the following month with the opportunity to enter into a draw to receive a copy of the book in return for posing questions to the author and writing a review.

Am I the only one who's no longer receiving these emails? Was there a book for December and will there be a book for January?

Greenfinch Sun 13-Dec-20 07:56:13

The book club has ended Glosgran.I don't think there has been a book since the middle of the year.

FannyCornforth Sun 13-Dec-20 09:10:40

I wonder why?
It sounds like a great idea.
It ended before I joined.

Maggiemaybe Sun 13-Dec-20 09:29:32

It was brilliant while it lasted. I was lucky enough to get lots of the books to review and it was so interesting to see everyone else’s opinions as well. And of course you read books that you possibly wouldn’t have chosen in a bookshop, so it was a good way of expanding your horizons a little.