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kircubbin2000 Thu 24-Dec-20 12:49:55

I had never heard of this,think it's a Scandinavian idea. One of my neighbours is asking us to wrap a book we have enjoyed and tonight we can pick another book from the pile. Seems like a nice idea if enough people take part.

AmberSpyglass Thu 24-Dec-20 12:52:49

I love it! We used to do it at my old job. I’m curling up with Susan Cooper’s The Dark is Rising like I do every Christmas Eve, followed by watching the tv adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather.

kircubbin2000 Thu 24-Dec-20 12:55:49

I've got Hamnet. I hear it's good.

SueDonim Thu 24-Dec-20 13:27:42

Like a secret Santa but just with books? Fab idea!

I’m envious ofHamnet, I really want to read it.

TerriBull Thu 24-Dec-20 13:52:29

Hamnet is on my list of books to read next year, I've heard it's very good.

fevertree Thu 24-Dec-20 14:51:55

I'm involved in an Icelandic tradition ( Jólabókaflóðið - I think that's what it's called grin ) through an acquaintance whereby a book and chocolate is exchanged on Christmas Eve,
the idea being to relax with a book and scoff chocolates. I am really looking forward to opening mine today.

sodapop Thu 24-Dec-20 16:45:14

Brilliant idea kircubbin I will start a new tradition next year. I like the Icelandic idea as well fevertree my two favourite things.

kircubbin2000 Thu 24-Dec-20 17:47:28

Yes chocolate was mentioned but I went early and none to be seen😥

Sparklefizz Thu 24-Dec-20 18:28:50

"Hamnet" is brilliant.
I am doing doorstep book swaps with friends from my Book Group. We have been doing this since March and it's great to keep getting a new supply of books.