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hollysteers Wed 03-Mar-21 12:15:48

Just started The Buccaneers, last book I read by her ages ago was Ethan Frome which I loved.
Any Edith Wharton fans out there?

Kaimoana Mon 08-Mar-21 16:34:08

Yes, me smile
Years ago I bought a cassette tape of The House of Mirth which has several of her stories on it.

Having also read Oscar Wilde's 'Woman of no Importance' in which a character stated Americans didn't regard social lapses in the same rigid way as English society, I saw they were quite wrong grin

Unfortunately, though she has written a great deal, my local library has only one, a collection of her stories, on audio CVD which is the only thing I can manage to 'read' these days.

M0nica Mon 08-Mar-21 16:47:43

The Age of Innocence, is beyond and by far her best book. It is a study of the restricted life of those who move in the 'best circles' in New York. It is a study of a woman who wouldn't conform and a man, trapped into doing so.

If Meghan Markle found the Royal family stuffy and restricted, she should read this story of her own country 150 years ago.

It was made into a film by Martin Scorsese and starred Daniel Day-Lewis and Michelle Pfeiffer

3dognight Mon 08-Mar-21 16:56:04

I loved Ethan Frome, a very bleak but compelling book.
I think I read it twice, it was a few years ago now.

Thanks for reminding me of Edith Wharton.