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A Del of a Life by David Jason

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Edith81 Wed 10-Mar-21 11:42:13

A great read by this popular actor and so reminiscent of that bygone era for people of a certain age. Very amusing too.

Rufus2 Wed 10-Mar-21 12:22:58

Edith Thanks for that endorsement; I am about to order a copy having just seen it advertised in one of my UK magazines "This England" Spring 2021 £20
Being of "that certain age" and a bit beyond. I'll rely on your good judgement and go ahead and order! smile
"Only Fools and Horses" is a Classic and I regularly open up my boxed set of DVDs!
Thank you
Good Health

Sarnia Wed 10-Mar-21 13:11:01

Lovely Jubbly by the sounds of it. smile

Lollin Wed 10-Mar-21 13:54:51

It will be top if my list when libraries reopen.

Rufus2 Thu 11-Mar-21 11:21:00

Lollin I take it that you will ask your library to order a copy that you can then borrow!?
Our libraries used to do the same and though I'm still not a worry-guts I wonder about borrowing anything nowadays!
As we used to say "you don't know where it's been!"
Good Health

Lollin Thu 11-Mar-21 11:37:08

I worry that we might lose more libraries so have a list of books I would like to borrow. Last time they had a very reassuring system, similar to the charity shops Rufus2 and with the addition of my own system I think I will be okay to use them again. I won’t ask them as I feel sure it’s the type of book they will soon have available, yes I have been using them for decades so am familiar with their ways.

timetogo2016 Thu 11-Mar-21 11:42:50

I shall wait for it to be in the charity shops.

Rufus2 Thu 11-Mar-21 12:29:49

I shall wait for it to be in the charity shops
timetogo Oh come on! Dig into all that cash that's been accumulating in your vaults for the last 12 months and treat yourself grin

"You can't take it with you Dad", as our No.2 Son keeps reminding me, which is very generous of him considering it's their inheritance we're talking about!
Buy the box set too while you're at it!

grannysyb Thu 11-Mar-21 13:12:10

Our libraries are open for click and collect. Reserve online, and wait for the email and then collect. Very pleased with this.

DillytheGardener Thu 11-Mar-21 13:20:38

I saw Del on the thread and my heart stopped and I thought he’d passed away. Thank god it’s just a book endorsement which I shall now put on my reading list