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Aveline Thu 11-Mar-21 16:13:58

I found this glossary handy...

Ilovecheese Thu 11-Mar-21 16:25:22

Sounds about right Aveline

Also "side splittingly funny" mildly amusing.

sodapop Thu 11-Mar-21 17:09:27

So true Aveline and Ilovecheese also "another book in this exciting series" potboiler to earn even more money.

LullyDully Thu 11-Mar-21 18:06:23

Oh yes, I love that.

I was lured by the blurb on the back of a book recently. It said " The new Hillary Mantel. " what a load of tosh that turned out to be. That should teach me not to trust the back of a book in Tescos again.

Roll on Waterstones reopening.

Eloethan Thu 11-Mar-21 19:21:00

That's funny Aveline.

I'm also wary of authors who give other authors glowing reviews.