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GrannyGear Fri 02-Apr-21 11:34:44

Our local library had a very good scheme to get books to readers during lockdown. It was "Six of the best". You could take out 6 books, specifying a particular author or a gentre eg crime, historical fiction etc of simply opt for a "lucky dip" where the library would choose the books for you. You were notified by email when they were ready for collection. You even got a shiny brown paper bag to keep them in! I don't know if other libraries used this system but it worked well in Garstang (Lancashire). I was lucky in that my library is in cycling distance of home and made a good destination for my daily exercise.

avitorl Fri 02-Apr-21 11:45:20

My Library has been doing something similar .I phone them,tell them what I want,walk to the Library and pick up my books which are also in a brown paper bag.
I went yesterday and the Librarian told me that they hope to be open on April,12th for normal use. Sadly I don't suppose that will allow for all of the Group Activities they ran pre Covid times.
The Staff in my local Library are brilliant and I'm so lucky that I can walk to it.I'm in Dorset

tanith Fri 02-Apr-21 11:46:52

I’ve been borrowing books from my library via ‘Libby’ it’s been a life saver over the Winter. As long as you have a library membership card you can log in and borrow by downloading the app.

Jaxjacky Fri 02-Apr-21 12:09:27

We’ve had similar GrannyGear all done online, up to 12 books, you can choose the genre, they also waived all fines. It’s called Ready Readers and has been really great.

Teacheranne Fri 02-Apr-21 12:18:03

I use BorrowBox here in Stockport to get online books that I can read on my iPad. I must have read dozens of books during the lockdowns. It’s a brilliant service especially for people like me with limited mobility.

Calendargirl Fri 02-Apr-21 12:19:36

Our library has done ‘Click and Collect’, order online, e Mail when in, pick up from door.

Has worked really well, can have 20 books overall I think.

jacqrose Fri 02-Apr-21 12:23:59

I’ve also been borrowing books online via Libby. I didn’t belong to the library previously but signed up online during the first lockdown. It’s easy to use and I found that having lots of time to browse I read books that I might not have done otherwise. I prefer to have a book in my hands but in the last year Libby has been fantastic.

SueDonim Fri 02-Apr-21 14:12:54

My mum doesn’t have the internet and can’t do C&C because she’s housebound. Her library delivers books to her every three weeks instead. You tell them the genres you like and they select according to that. They look at your previous choices so there are no repeats.

They have also begun a letter service, a kind of penpal, I suppose, so someone sends her a letter and she can write back to them.

TerriBull Fri 02-Apr-21 15:58:06

I do click and collect, it works very well, I browse the catalogues on line and order, books are usually in after a couple of days and there is a box to drop off returned items. Looking forward to libraries opening up again though. I think if I were to specify certain authors, chances are I would have read at least some of their output. I'm quite picky about choosing what I want to read usually titles from my personal ever growing "to read" list.

Lollin Sat 10-Apr-21 14:48:40

I wish our library had managed this. They reopen next week and I have never taken them for granted but I’m really looking forward to the day I can once again browse through the bookshelves choosing a few totally randomly.

Nannarose Sat 10-Apr-21 16:12:25

Yes, we had something similar.
We also had a drop off / collection point in the village - someone who has a little shelter by their gate, designated it somewhere to leave books, toys & puzzles for anyone to pick up. It has been very popular, especially as it was available in daylight hours. The 'proper' library collection was very limited - no complaints - they were doing their best - but sometimes difficult to fit around 'essential errands'.

grannysyb Sat 10-Apr-21 16:59:50

Ours have done click and collect, so you could reserve books which was great. They reopen next week, thank goodness!

Susie42 Sun 18-Apr-21 12:36:45

I borrowed a book bundle of six and ended up with five books that I had already read.

I use Libby to borrow books to read on my iPad but I'm hoping that the SELMS scheme will re-start soon.

Scottishgran2 Mon 03-May-21 01:17:10

Our library in Falkirk has an appointment system.. 15 minutes to browse... Its better than nothing but am looking forward to taking my time and wandering about looking at books and chatting to other people who recommend a book.. Am enjoying libby as I can enlarge font and read in bed. I do miss a real book in my hands

lemsip Mon 03-May-21 01:27:27

our library is open again with restrictions to how many in at a time and masks hand sanitizers etc.

david025 Wed 05-May-21 01:38:31

Any light novels recomendation?