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All the light we cannot see by A Doerr

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cherrylady Wed 26-May-21 18:19:53

I have to say this is the best book I have read this year. If you only read one book in 2021 make it this one.

Aldom Wed 26-May-21 18:46:05

I agree. I read this book probably two years ago. It leaves a lasting impression on the mind and heart.

Sara1954 Wed 26-May-21 18:52:49

It’s on my wish list, always happy to get recommendations, Thankyou cherrylady

TerriBull Wed 26-May-21 19:28:24

I've read it, several years ago now, I liked it a lot, but maybe not amongst my absolute favourites for me, nevertheless, I'd certainly recommend it.

MawBe Wed 26-May-21 19:31:02

A book club choice a couple of years ago - everybody raved about it - except me. It left me cold.

cornishpatsy Wed 26-May-21 20:32:54

I found it slow, dull, and boring with too many short chapters.

annodomini Wed 26-May-21 20:41:09

I loved it and felt very involved with the characters. I might read it again before long.

lemongrove Wed 26-May-21 20:49:31

Yes, a marvellous book and fantastically well written, I am in awe of such writers.I read it about four years ago I think, and will read it again at some point.I recommend it to everybody.

Soroptimum Wed 26-May-21 20:55:27

Yes I agree, wonderful book. I read it a few years ago now and still remember the plot which can’t be said for every book I read!

Sarnia Thu 27-May-21 16:18:16

The was our book club read before Covid. Every one of us loved it. I thoroughly recommend 'Where the Crawdads Sing', if none of you have read it.

Lucca Thu 27-May-21 16:21:16

Agree. Wonderful book. He has written a nice autobiography of his year spent in Italy with his wife and baby twins. It’s called Four seasons in Rome and is a lovely read, beautifully written.

Lucca Thu 27-May-21 16:21:46

Ditto Crawdads !

mumofmadboys Thu 27-May-21 16:28:32

I am on holiday and am reading Normal People. The other book I brought with me was Where the crawdads sing.

Maggiemaybe Thu 27-May-21 16:41:10

It’s on my pile of books to be read, so I’ll push it up to the top on your recommendation. smile Before that though I’ve two to read for my next reading group. I’ve nearly finished Hamnet, which I love, and the other is the crawdads one, which I’ve still to buy. I’d best crack on with it. smile

CanadianGran Sat 05-Jun-21 21:39:43

I loved this book, and made my DH read it (he's not much of a reader!) We read it the year we went to France, and we took the ferry from Jersey to St Malo. It really made the story come alive when you can picture the setting.

MerylStreep Sat 05-Jun-21 21:50:13

Where the Crawdads sing is now one of my favourite books.
How long can I wait to read it again 🤔

NanKate Sat 05-Jun-21 22:02:14

Only read a third of Crawdads and gave up as nothing much was happening. I know I am in the minority. I didn’t like Wolf Hall either, but did enjoy the tv adaptation.

I started reading the Jojo Moyes books this year, usually not my style of book ‘romances’ but I remember all her storylines and characters.

May7 Sun 06-Jun-21 00:26:59

I agree, fabulous book enjoyed by all my book clubbers.
I'll also second Crawdads which was beautifully written and Normal people.

nanna8 Sun 06-Jun-21 00:50:28

I trust you lot! I have just ordered the. Rawdads one from the library and downloaded the Light one to start reading tonight! Thanks for the information,much appreciated

nanna8 Sun 06-Jun-21 00:50:49


nanna8 Wed 09-Jun-21 10:02:18

Just finished ‘All the Light we cannot See’and thought it was a wonderful book,very moving.

May7 Wed 09-Jun-21 15:26:10


welbeck Wed 09-Jun-21 15:34:46

i think this was one of the books i heard discussed on radio 4.
they discuss 3 books, the presenter is a woman, and last time the two reviewers were youngish-sounding women too.
i enjoyed the discussion, but now i can't remember which book was which.
is the light one set in paris. about a man, and his room, and pigeon.

nanna8 Wed 30-Jun-21 14:05:39

Reading a Crawdads now, I love it. Very different though I keep thinking of To Kill A Mockingbird.