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age appropriate for children?

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FarawayGran Fri 20-Aug-21 03:47:37

I have bought some books from a used book site on the internet for my grandchildren and am wondering what age they are appropriate for.

I read them as a child, but can't remember what age I was.

Author: Paul Gallico

Books: Jennie
The Snow Goose

I also bought 'Love of seven Dolls' but returned it because it was not appropriate for my GCs aged 10 and 6

I welcome some advice

Whiff Fri 20-Aug-21 05:10:34

What type of books are your grandchildren reading at the moment? Children's tastes have altered a lot since we had our children. Stories our children loved our grandchildren might turn their noses up at. The world had changed a lot so has the content of books. Good example my children are 38 and 34. Postman Pat books when they where small aren't the same as today's Postman Pat books.

Doesn't answer your question but I always ask for a list of books before buying any. That way I always get the right ones.

DillytheGardener Fri 20-Aug-21 06:04:51

I would agree with Whiff, tastes have changed for children these days, so I wouldn’t be offended if your gc don’t care for them.

I would perhaps post a few images of the text so that we can see the writing level. I believe there are a few ex teachers on here that may be able to advise.

yggdrasil Fri 20-Aug-21 08:12:29

I remeber all three, I loved them when I was about 9 ish. But I don't know what kids today would like, these are very well written

Parsley3 Fri 20-Aug-21 09:25:48

I have 10 year old grandchildren with very different tastes in reading. One loves Mallory Towers and the other is reading The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Ask the 10 year old what they are reading just now and that will help you decide.

NotSpaghetti Fri 20-Aug-21 10:48:55

7 to 8 for the Snow Goose I'd say.

NotSpaghetti Fri 20-Aug-21 10:49:11

Obviously depending...

Calendargirl Fri 20-Aug-21 11:03:27

I loved the Bunty annuals when I was growing up.Saved them all for DD, hardly looked at them. Likewise GD.

Oh well, they are still in the loft, rather tatty and much read, by me at least. Occasionally leaf through them and transported back to being about 7 years old, with The Four Mary’s, The Dancing Life Of Moira Kent, Toots, Katy O’ Connor, Student Nurse etc etc.

Oh happy, carefree days!