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Daisymae Sun 20-Mar-22 11:20:12

I thought that I would mention that eBay can be a good place to buy books on occasion. There are companies that sell new/used books, sometimes for a fraction of the price elsewhere. I also like Wordery, they do have free delivery too.

M0nica Sun 20-Mar-22 11:30:26


For second hand books: Biblio, as an alternative to Abe Books, which is also owned by Amazon

Jaxjacky Sun 20-Mar-22 11:39:24

World of Books

Second hand too.

Athrawes Sun 20-Mar-22 11:49:50

Postscript is a good one too - plenty of variety

Kim19 Sun 20-Mar-22 11:53:19

Thank you all. Very informative. I will certainly investigate.

kittylester Sun 20-Mar-22 12:06:11

I like Waterstones - they have nice 'bits' too for stationery loving granddaughters.

GrannyGravy13 Sun 20-Mar-22 12:06:36

I try to look for small independent book shops, since our multiple lockdowns most if not all have an online presence.

Kate1949 Sun 20-Mar-22 12:10:44

The Works are online now. Cheap books, stationery, toys, arts and crafts etc. I've had a few books from them. I can't remember what I paid for postage but I don't think it was too bad. Quick delivery too as I recall.

ayse Sun 20-Mar-22 12:41:08

The Book Repository

Daisymae Sun 20-Mar-22 15:56:44

I just thought that I'd mention it as I bought a new hardback on eBay for £5.10 as opposed to £15 elsewhere. Didn't know about some of the other options people have mentioned or that the Works were online. All useful info thanks.

Charleygirl5 Sun 20-Mar-22 16:01:45

I look on Amazon for books written by specific authors and once I have chosen one I go to eBay and type it in wanting it as second hand.

I have never been let down yet, each has been in very good condition, even receiving the odd hardback that has only been read once.

To date, I have only chosen companies and how they can do it for the money charged is beyond me.

nadateturbe Sun 20-Mar-22 16:13:45

Thanks everyone. Very useful post.

silverlining48 Sun 20-Mar-22 16:21:54

If you aren’t looking fir a specfic book then a charity shop will sell them fir £1+ and many look as if they have only been read once.
My local cancer charity shop sells 2 fir £1 and I have been happy to have a look through and get some there fir the children and myself.
It’s double bubble. Planet wins with Recycling, charity wins as do I.

BlueBelle Sun 20-Mar-22 16:34:04

Charity shops have a huge amount of books ours are constantly changing and we put them in author alphabetical order, all paperbacks are 50p or 3 for £1
And it makes money for a charity so win/win

BlueBelle Sun 20-Mar-22 16:37:46

Our childrens books are 30p average and in school holidays we give one free for any child

Maggiemaybe Sun 20-Mar-22 16:44:53

Our local hospice’s charity shop sells all its books at 5 for £1. Many are newly published. If I need anything in particular I usually go to WOB. Both our local libraries have closed, but the library service has free ebooks and audio books to download.

Calendargirl Sun 20-Mar-22 20:59:49

Lucky to have a good library in our small town, can order books, including new publications, for free.


Sara1954 Sun 20-Mar-22 21:02:46

Waterstones, or independent bookstores.
Never buy books from supermarkets or Amazon, got to keep booksellers in business.

Deedaa Sun 20-Mar-22 21:04:55

I get most of my books from eBay (Wordery sell there too} They can be brilliant sometimes if you are looking for something obscure or something you last read when you were 12. There always seems to be someone out there who will be selling a copy.

Maggiemaybe Sun 20-Mar-22 21:33:18

Oh yes, I got a copy of my favourite Girl’s Book of Heroines from eBay. It brought back so many memories of us acting out their heroic feats in the school yard. smile

Reubenblue Sun 20-Mar-22 22:24:23

Hive. Is good for new books and also give donations to independent book shops on their sales.

Witzend Wed 23-Mar-22 10:18:24

I get some from but they’ll be 2nd hand. Brilliant for finding old/out of print, though.

Recently ordered a new one from Waterstones, to avoid Amazon. Not as quick, but in this case it didn’t matter.

M0nica Wed 23-Mar-22 15:55:06

Witzend Abebooks is owned by Amazon. I have move to Biblio /