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Library book returned after 84 years

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Callistemon21 Fri 28-Oct-22 19:31:07

A library book has just been returned after 84 years out on loan.

A library book in Coventry has finally been returned 84 years and two weeks past its due date. The copy of Red Deer by Richard Jefferies was last borrowed in 1938.

But it was only brought back to Earlsdon Carnegie Community Library on Tuesday. Paddy Riordan returned the book on behalf of his late grandfather Capt. William Humphries, who had borrowed it for his daughter Anne, who died recently.

Mr Riordan calculated that the book was overdue by 4,385 weeks before returning it. He also paid the fine of 4,385d - by donating the equivalent sum of £18.27 in today's money to the library.

However, if today's fine rate of 25p per day had been applied, the fee for the late return would be £7,673. Red Deer had been borrowed eight times before Capt. Humphries took it out. It was due back on 11/10/1938.

Have you or any of your family ever borrowed a book which you have never returned?

I do remember borrowing two books on psychology from Plymouth library in about 1970. Unfortunately the dog chewed them up so thoroughly I had to go in and pay for replacements.

Dickens Fri 28-Oct-22 20:03:05

I'm just imagining walking into a library - which in itself is a bit of a novelty in some areas these days - sidling up to the desk clutching said book... "sorry, this is rather overdue" grin.

I think it's lovely that Mr Riordan returned it - love articles like this!

grannydarkhair Fri 28-Oct-22 21:10:47

I took books out just before the first lockdown. Read them, put them aside to be returned asap. Well of course I forgot about them, they were finally returned earlier this year - I wasn’t charged a penny, as far as I know, most Scottish libraries stopped charging a few years back in order to encourage borrowing.
We’re fortunate in Dundee, we are well served by libraries. Apart from the big central branch, there are several smaller ones dotted around various areas of the city, including some in community centres which I think is a great idea.
And no, I’ve never not returned (eventually) a library book.

CanadianGran Fri 28-Oct-22 21:17:19

The book am reading currently is overdue, but I promise to return it!

One time I received an overdue notice, and I was positive I had returned it. I went to the library, looked up the book and sure enough it was in the stacks where it should be. I guess someone had not marked it as returned. smile

Callistemon21 Fri 28-Oct-22 21:27:29

I think I'd better go through all the books DH inherited from MIL just in case!

dustyangel Fri 28-Oct-22 21:43:14

The last time I used my library card in England, I was really put off by the smell of stale cigarette smoke embedded in the book. Is this the case everywhere?

Grannybags Fri 28-Oct-22 21:58:33

What a lovely story!

I recently found one stamped with the name of my sons school inside. I think it's too late to return it though as he is now 45 and his school is about to be demolished!

ElaineI Fri 28-Oct-22 22:01:38

I used to take 6 books on holiday. Nowadays I use my kindle - much lighter! All DGC went to Bookbug as babies and toddlers and still take DGS2. He is allowed 10!!!! books out and a DVD. Some are his favourites and he keeps taking them out. During lockdown it was on catch up TV. I was never out the library when I was younger.

AlexKok1955 Wed 09-Nov-22 17:03:56

It's a very sweet story!smile

grannysyb Wed 09-Nov-22 20:05:51

I have to say that my library was absolutely amazing during lockdown, after things eased a bit, you could reserve books and collect them at the door. All the returns were quarantined for three days before being reissued. Now its completely back to normal.