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NanKate Fri 04-Nov-22 16:01:24

‘Trust me’ by T M Logan. Has anyone read this and what do you think ?

I’m always getting recommendations and they don’t always appeal.

Any other recommendations happily accepted. 📖

TerriBull Fri 04-Nov-22 16:21:28

Nan Kate I think I read it a while back, it's hard to put your finger on what makes a good thriller, books are very subjective, for me it was okish, but it would be on my personal forgettable spectrum. However, you may love it and someone might be along to say wow an absolute page turner! Get it out of the library if you don't want to waste your money.

NanKate Sat 05-Nov-22 08:27:25

Thanks Terri. Good idea about the library. 👍

Lathyrus Sat 05-Nov-22 08:50:44

Just to say Amazon “recommendations” don’t mean it’s a good book. Publishers (and sometimes authors) pay Amazon to recommend their book.

sodapop Sat 05-Nov-22 13:49:14

Yes I've been caught out with some rubbish books like that Lathyrus I just delete the messages now unless it's an author I know.

eazybee Sat 05-Nov-22 13:57:42

I received an email from WHSmith inviting me to pre-order a copy of Spare for only £13 to which I replied, 'You MUST be joking!'

Oldbat1 Sat 05-Nov-22 17:38:21

Join BorrowBox - I use it all the time. Great for Audiobooks too. You just need your local county council library membership card details.

25Avalon Sat 05-Nov-22 17:56:56

‘Trust Me” is a psychological thriller with lots of twists and turns. TM Logan is a popular writer for this genre.

Before buying I go into Amazon and click on look inside so I can get a good idea of the style etc. also read the full review.