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Bookbub-what is it?

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Howjado Thu 26-Jan-23 10:00:08

Saw Bookbub advert and it had good reviews, so I down loaded the app to my iPhone. I do not know if these are audio books or e reading books, the app does not make that clear. Will they go to my Kindle app on my phone? Anyone know please?

Jane71 Thu 26-Jan-23 10:06:03

I've never heard of Bookbub, what is it?

Jaxjacky Thu 26-Jan-23 10:11:35

You can Google and it explains.

aggie Thu 26-Jan-23 10:21:28

It’s just a list of books you can download onto your Kindle ap , I get some quite different books that way ,

FannyCornforth Thu 26-Jan-23 10:44:09

Is this a wheeze to get us to download the app, I wonder?

annodomini Thu 26-Jan-23 10:45:08

I get the Bookbub email every day. I have occasionally found an author or title that appeals to me often at a reduced price. if I don't want the titles offered, I simply delete the message. Just download it and see for yourself. If you don't like it you can easily unsubscribe.

Georgesgran Thu 26-Jan-23 10:49:37

You have a suspicious mind 😱FC - but the OP’s name isn’t familiar, so I suspect you’re right,

FannyCornforth Thu 26-Jan-23 10:55:47

Thanks GG, I wasn’t sure if I’d read the opening post correctly, as the cat’s tail keeps getting in front of my eyes 🐱

annsixty Thu 26-Jan-23 10:59:40

I have had the book bug email for years now.
You get offered several books a day, some are free and some are priced at 99p.
I usually try several a week.Nothing is lost if you don’t like them.
It is not a scam or a con.

Howjado Thu 26-Jan-23 11:02:01

This is a genuine question Fanny. I have been a member of Gransnet for many years, just not posted on the books forum before. Thanks aggie for your constructive reply.

Georgesgran Thu 26-Jan-23 11:04:12

FC 😂
Perhaps turn the cat round and wear Davey Crockett style?

FannyCornforth Thu 26-Jan-23 11:04:36

I’m so sorry, I do sincerely apologise Howjado thanks

I did in fact down load the app.
I couldn’t work out whether the books were to be read on the app either.
It’s not very clear, I agree.

annsixty Thu 26-Jan-23 11:06:01

The books go onto your kindle or phone or iPad, whichever you read ebooks on.

essjay Thu 26-Jan-23 11:13:48

i used to have it but could never find anything that really suited, admittedly i only looked at the free offerings.

Georgesgran Thu 26-Jan-23 11:50:55

My apologies too - I don’t kindle, so that’s my excuse.

LadyGracie Thu 26-Jan-23 15:58:55

I get an email from Bookbub everyday, you can go for a few weeks with nothing you want to read then have two or three in a day. Lots are free and others start at 99p. I download them to my kindle but you can access them through the kindle app on your phone or tablet.