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Lady Anne Glenconner

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Daddima Sat 08-Apr-23 10:21:58

I’ve just finished this amazing lady’s two books, her autobiography, Whatever Next, and Lady in Waiting, her memoir of being lady in waiting to Princess Margaret. She was a maid of honour at the coronation, married the spectacularly eccentric Colin Tennant, and lived for a while on Mustique without electricity or running water. She had two sons who died, one from AIDS, another who recovered from his addiction to heroin, but died from hepatitis, and she dragged a third son out of a coma. I have now decided to add her to my dream dinner party.

Foxygloves Sat 08-Apr-23 10:27:03

Highly entertaining - but OMG what an extravagant lifestyle! She experienced much sorrow in her marriage but seems to have had an irrepressible zest for life.
Definitely a case of “how the other half lives”

BigBertha1 Sat 08-Apr-23 10:30:09

Thank you I am looking forward to reading these are they out in paperback yet?

Callistemon21 Sat 08-Apr-23 10:30:26

I've read one of them and I'm amazed that she seemed to take so much in her stride, particularly from her husband.

She does sound like a woman who dealt with everything life threw at her in a calm and fearless manner.

Aveline Sat 08-Apr-23 10:47:34

She certainly seems to be resilient! Her first book is much better than the second. Not surprisingly though. Most of the big stories are covered in book 1. A life of wealth and 'priviledge' that few of us would want.

TerriBull Sat 08-Apr-23 11:33:11

I read her Lady in Waiting, she had some unbearable tragedies to deal with as well as an impossible husband, it wasn't all privilege by any means.

grannydarkhair Sat 08-Apr-23 12:16:29

She was on The Graham Norton Show a few years back, she was a wonderful guest, very entertaining. I’m sure the clip will be on YouTube.

hollysteers Sat 08-Apr-23 13:03:16

I too have just finished her second highly enjoyable book, although she repeats herself.
As an inner city bred socialist, the extravagance of the royals and aristocracy is hard to stomach but I am full of admiration for this woman personally. She has weathered some horrific storms in her life and is full of optimism.
P.S. I do believe her husband was probably bisexual/homosexual.