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Genre Wars!

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keepcalmandcavachon Sun 25-Jun-23 19:23:22

Have you been suprised by a genre previously dismissed, I groaned inwardly as I checked out a friend's recommendation and curled my lip at the twee cover. I LOVE it, and am thrilled to have a new author to hunt down. How silly I am, Marcia Willet writes beautifully and now she is one of MY top recommendations!

eazybee Sun 25-Jun-23 19:34:59

I enjoyed her books but haven't read any recently.

keepcalmandcavachon Sun 25-Jun-23 19:46:43

She is quite new to me as I had thought 'cosy family ' stories wouldn't be my thing. How wrong I was, everyone can do with more of the feel good factor.

seadragon Sun 25-Jun-23 19:47:23

You're in for a real treat. Have always loved her books and think she brought out a new one recently too.

keepcalmandcavachon Sun 25-Jun-23 19:54:11

It's such a thrill when you discover a new author, and without the recommendation I was definitely judging a book by it's cover!

Wyllow3 Sun 25-Jun-23 19:56:42

Ooo, thank you for recommendation.