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"Amazing Animals," "Bizarre Beasts," and "Curious Critters."

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JennyW Mon 03-Jul-23 13:47:16

I recently discovered an amazing collection of books on Amazon authored by Christopher Waddell, featuring fascinating titles such as "Amazing Animals," "Bizarre Beasts," and "Curious Critters." These books have become an absolute favorite of my grandchildren, aged 5 and 8! Each book presents an A to Z exploration of extraordinary animals, accompanied by captivating facts. It's a fantastic way for children to expand their knowledge of unfamiliar creatures, and the illustrations are truly delightful. I must admit, even I learned a few new things while reading them!

Alexs09 Tue 21-Nov-23 17:55:44

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xata012 Wed 27-Dec-23 08:51:45

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