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New New Corrie thread

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Doodledog Thu 09-Nov-23 00:19:19

A thousand posts! How time flies grin

Post your moans, praise and observations about life on the cobbles on this shiny new thread.

vegansrock Thu 09-Nov-23 04:13:42

It’s amazing how anyone who has ever used a sewing machine years ago can instantly sit down and churn out perfect bras and knickers. The actual machinists seem to spend more time chatting and unpicking . Also you’d never in a million years be allowed to eat or drink while sitting at a sewing machine in a real factory. Imagine all the crumbs and spills on the garments!

vegansrock Thu 09-Nov-23 04:19:14

Sarah’s dress with all the lace looked a tad too frilly for my taste , though I did like Carla’s jacket ( I initially thought she’d gone out in her dressing gown) .

Calendargirl Thu 09-Nov-23 06:56:01

Sarah’s dress was awful.

Does anyone check the quality of the finished knickers and bras?

I imagine some of them look fit to end up on a market stall.

Nannee49 Thu 09-Nov-23 07:44:43

And getting paid cash on delivery for the huge factory saving order?

Doodledog Thu 09-Nov-23 07:44:47

Who is the supervisor? There was always a supervisor in the past who would take people to task if the seams weren’t straight (Hayley did it for years) and a union rep too. Is that Izzy?

Beechnut Thu 09-Nov-23 08:16:06

That factory is unbelievable 🤪

Charleygirl5 Thu 09-Nov-23 09:48:48

They have not been paid for so long so how did they manage to feed themselves? Is Sally the only person with any savings? They appear to be able to stroll in wearing their outdoor clothes, sit down and gossip.

maddyone Thu 09-Nov-23 09:56:04

Thanks for opening the new thread Doodledog.
Given the circumstances I would have thought that the money Stephen stole would be returned to Carla. Of course, there would have to be Probate, but eventually it would be returned. In the meantime, considering the circumstances, I would have thought a bank loan would have tided them over.

Doodledog Thu 09-Nov-23 11:24:01

Sally won the lottery ages ago. Or was it Kevin? I can't remember. One of them did anyway, and they were in the middle of a divorce until the prize money concentrated the mind of the one who didn't win grin. Either way, Sally's always thought she was 'a cut above' because of her share of the cash.

You're right, Charleygirl. Most people on a low wage wouldn't last for ages without being paid - most people on decent salaries wouldn't either! And then there's the knock-on affect on people like Eileen who isn't getting the rent money in.

I don't know if the courts would have to decide that the factory money had been stolen, but yes, there should be a way of bridging the cash flow problem.

Why do we never see any of the houses being decorated or having work done? When you look back at how they looked back in the day compared to now, they have all been massively updated (with the exception of Gemma and Chesney's, which I think is owned by the council), but you never see it in progress. I am always interested in the bits we never see, too. Ken's front room, for instance. We see the hall and staircase and the back room with the kitchen off it, but never the sitting room. Do people still have unused 'parlour' rooms these days? I think Eileen has a room at the front that we don't see, too. Mind you, in her case it probably sleeps numerous lodgers grin. Chesney's house seems smaller than the others, too - there is no hallway, and only one room downstairs. I know the wall between the stairs and the living room has gone, but that room can't be two knocked into one, can it? Unless the others have a downstairs extension with the kitchen in it, and his doesn't? That was common in the sixties, I think? If houses didn't have bathrooms they had extensions with a kitchen downstairs and a bathroom upstairs. Chesney's house must have a bathroom though - they'll need several with all those people living there!

Poor Paul is deteriorating, isn't he? I think the cough is a bad sign, as it means his throat muscles are going😢.

sodapop Thu 09-Nov-23 12:32:19

Yes I don't think there is good news in the offing for Paul.
Never see anyone doing housework either Doodledog must be a cleaning fairy in Coronation Street.

Ilovecheese Thu 09-Nov-23 12:54:08

Gemma does a lot of folding

honeyrose Thu 09-Nov-23 14:04:19

Sarah’s dress, as someone commented, was awful - looks like it was made from a discarded batch of Underworld knickers stitched up to form a frock! Having said that, I think it’s the only time I’ve seen her wear anything twice (or is that dress just so memorable?). She must be earning a fortune (goodness knows how, especially at the moment) to afford so many clothes.

Clawdy Thu 09-Nov-23 19:48:03

The scene where half the street turned up to sew knickers was so silly! Was anyone else hoping Carla would sack Izzy?!

pinkprincess Thu 09-Nov-23 20:48:31

It always amazes me how they can spend a generous meal break knocking back alcohol in the Rovers then go and operate sewing machines.
What is worse, the garage staff close the entire premise and do the same, then go back and work on motor vehicles, also it must be the cleanest garage in the world.No sign of overalls covered in grease.Tyrone defeats the object of overalls by wearing the top half tied around his waist!

Calendargirl Thu 09-Nov-23 21:18:29

And then if an urgent breakdown comes in, either Kev or Ty shoot off to deal with it, no worries about drink and driving in charge of a breakdown truck.

Aveline Fri 10-Nov-23 06:31:15

Also, nobody watches TV on Corrie.

Charleygirl5 Fri 10-Nov-23 07:31:55

They appear to have a lot more "pocket money" than I have and my 2 pensions are paid regularly. Nobody makes a sandwich at home, they have sufficient cash to dine at Roy's Rolls daily and many can also afford breakfast there.

It is warmer there because nobody needs to wear a thicker cardigan or keep doors closed to keep the heat in. Where am I going wrong?

Calendargirl Fri 10-Nov-23 20:16:41


Gemma does a lot of folding

You’re right, she was folding again tonight.

Usually with her mouth hanging open.

Calendargirl Fri 10-Nov-23 20:43:59

Should Paul be getting in a bath alone surrounded by burning candles?

I visualised him setting the flat on fire before Billy returned!

Aveline Fri 10-Nov-23 21:02:41

I'm amazed they didn't have a hoist. That was a recipe for disaster.

sodapop Fri 10-Nov-23 21:14:43

But it was funny in a sad kind of way

Aveline Sat 11-Nov-23 06:17:25

Yes. It was. It was very well done.

Calendargirl Sat 11-Nov-23 07:18:07

Also, the bath water must have gone cold.

Did they let it out before they tried to lift Paul out?

I guessed Billy would do his back in, he is quite slight and Paul is stocky and solid.

Beechnut Sat 11-Nov-23 07:26:58


Should Paul be getting in a bath alone surrounded by burning candles?

I visualised him setting the flat on fire before Billy returned!

I had the same thought and hoped they were led flickering flame candles.