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HUNTERF Wed 07-Aug-13 09:08:53

A Sandwell Council social worker has got the pleasure of me sitting in on a care assessment today.
I am wondering if he / she will enjoy the meeting?.


FlicketyB Wed 07-Aug-13 14:10:21

shock grin

HUNTERF Wed 07-Aug-13 16:15:33

Well I let the Social Worker rabbit on for 5 minutes about half the house belonging to the father and pointed out the son was 60 and he had been in the house since 2007.
It did not stop him as he said the son was not 60 when care was on the cards and he asked the son if he was going to downsize.
I then produced Age Concern Factsheet 38 and the Social Worker backed down and said downsizing was only a suggestion.
I then pointed out this was an NHS funding issue and they are coming back about that.
I just want to know why Social Workers give totally incorrect advice?.


glammanana Wed 07-Aug-13 16:21:16


nightowl Wed 07-Aug-13 18:36:34

Think we've all been here before Frank. There are only so many times you can ask the same question and still expect an answer......

Galen Wed 07-Aug-13 18:51:21

How can we cut off the Internet to Wales and Sutton cold fields.

HUNTERF Wed 07-Aug-13 19:00:28


I don't think you can.
We were one of the first to get fibre optic and the engineer said Sutton Coldfield had one of the highest number of takers per head of population.
I don't know about Wales.


HUNTERF Wed 07-Aug-13 19:01:59

I thought my fame would have extended in to Sandwell.


Galen Wed 07-Aug-13 19:04:23

Sorry Frank as a native Sandwellian* I can tell you, we are stubborn and live by lour own rules!(sweet)smile

HUNTERF Wed 07-Aug-13 19:31:49


That might have contributed to it.
The father and son are not Sandwellians.
They probably look after their own and are happy to see other people on the street.


Galen Wed 07-Aug-13 19:37:20

I take exception to that!
I loved the Black Country and hated to leave it! The people were much more friendly and welcoming than the southerners. (They're ok when they know you, but not at first!)

Ariadne Wed 07-Aug-13 19:44:16

Where on earth is Sandwell? Never heard of it. But then, I'd never heard of Sutton what's it either. Know where the NEC is, and that'll do.

Galen Wed 07-Aug-13 19:57:46

Wednesbury, westBromwich and a few minor places got amalgamated into an area called Sandwell.

Anne58 Wed 07-Aug-13 20:07:42




HUNTERF Fri 09-Aug-13 12:38:00

Yet again after I have kicked up a fuss this has turned out to be an NHS funding case.
If people are entitled to NHS funding are they not given it straight away rather than just wasting time and taxpayers money?.


gillybob Fri 09-Aug-13 12:44:34

You? kick up a fuss Frank ? I can't believe it. shock

HUNTERF Fri 09-Aug-13 13:52:07

What annoys me is the last Social Worker said I am costing the NHS a lot of money.
I can not understand how I am costing the NHS money. It is the patient costing the money.


Ella46 Fri 09-Aug-13 14:04:33

I think you're doing a great job Frank.

just wish you'd keep it to yourself smile

Nonu Fri 09-Aug-13 14:04:54

I can"t believe the social worker said that to you Frank , they have their nerve !!!

Nelliemoser Fri 09-Aug-13 14:08:43

The mind boggles! Frank Do the people you are assisting know you are writing about their situations on Gransnet and letting the world and his wife know roughly where they live? That is quite unethical.

The social workers you appear to so despise could be sacked for this! I would suggest you should stop this now. This is supposed to be confidential for heavens sake.

Galen Fri 09-Aug-13 14:53:48

Nellie is quite correct , you should get their permission before writing this sort of thing!

Marelli Fri 09-Aug-13 14:56:09

I echo Nelliemoser's post. If you are being allowed to sit in on a care assessment, should you not be aware of confidentiality issues yourself, Frank?