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posie Fri 28-Feb-14 16:03:44

Should I inform the insurers that my OH has Alzheimer's? If I do will the cost of policies increase dramatically?
In an argument this morning he threatened to burn the house down. Only an empty threat at the moment I think but what would happen if at some point in the future he did something like this?

Charleygirl Fri 28-Feb-14 16:15:34

I think that you should get your GP's advice first before doing anything. If you tell your insurers now without advice, you may become uninsurable.

Tegan Fri 28-Feb-14 16:16:52

Check the small print on the policy document.

posie Fri 28-Feb-14 16:45:08

It's an added worry that I could do without. Think I'm going to be damned if I do & damned if I don't!
We all know how insurers can look for get outs, so they don't have to pay out for claims if at all possible.
I'm now worried that if something happens, they will use the fact that they hadn't been advised of OH's diagnosis as a get out clause. If I do I then run the risk of being unable to afford the premiums. sad

Mishap Fri 28-Feb-14 18:14:11

I too think that you should talk to your GP, if only because it is of concern that your OH has made such a threat.

Oldtimer Thu 15-May-14 17:40:29

My husband has Alzimers.Last year we had a fire and the Insurance company paid out. They never asked any personal questions when we joined.