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Geemarc Screenphone anyone?

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hearinghelpessex Fri 26-Aug-16 14:20:29

I work for a charity based in Chelmsford, we have been contacted by a lady on behalf of her 92 year old neighbour who lives in West Mersea. The lady is deaf and has very poor eyesight.

She uses a Geemarc Screenphone to communicate using Text Relay.

Her phone has broken, they are no longer made and now she is cut off from her family. I have called the company and the phone is out of stock and no longer manufactured. New generation texting via a smart phone or tablet is the only suggestion.

At 92 this lady is unable to move over to the New Generation Text service. It is this specific phone she needs, has anyone got one they no longer use? I have tried eBay.

It is a very specific phone that she needs and it is very old technology.

Any help greatly received, it really is something money cannot buy.


The charity I work for is Hearing Help Essex if you wanted to check I was genuine:

Cherrytree59 Fri 26-Aug-16 20:11:50

Hi Heather
Sadly I can't help.
My late father had one.
It was provided by Social services & returned to them
A Smart phone would have been a step too far for him to master,
so can quite understand re your friend. Bless her.
Have you tried your local SS to see if they have one lying around in a cupboard.
My dad was a member of a Deaf Social club
If you have one in surrounding area, it might be worth asking if any of the members have one or know of someone that no longer has use for theirs
Many are members of more than one group. So I'm sure they could place a card on the notice board or ask friends on facebook

Good luck to you both flowers
I would love to know if you find one

hearinghelpessex Tue 30-Aug-16 07:45:32

Hi Cherrytree59

I will follow the paths you recommend, but I am not hopeful.


Shanma Sun 23-Oct-16 00:05:40

Myabe I need specsavers I read your name as : Hearing helps sex.
Gave me a laugh anyway