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BPJ Fri 28-Oct-16 11:05:12

I have just been working out by how much my family subsidise this government.

My son is Type 1 diabetic, no fault of his own he just is. Part of his treatment involves taking blood sugar levels four or five times a day and he got to the position where there was not a place left on his fingers that did not hurt when he drew blood, the equipment he used cost his doctor £200 a month, we found an electronic system which meant he didn’t have to cut himself, raising his quality of life that cost £100 a month, couldn’t have it because NICE hadn’t approved it, so we pay for it saving the NHS £200 and costing us £100. So far £300.

He works as a care assistant and part of his job is to take various “Service Users” out for the day, today his job is to take one person to the seaside, Social Services provide the user with cash to pay for entrance fees and a meal, to include one for my son, there is never enough so my son pays for his own meals say £20. He also pays for his petrol out of his wages and gets it back when he puts in the receipts and it is paid in with his wages so I presume he pays tax twice.

As you can see this family is subsidising the establishment by close on £400 a month.

I don’t suppose we are alone in this but the sad part about it is if he was addicted to drugs or played on his illness to get out of work he wouldn’t have to pay a thing.

BPJ Fri 28-Oct-16 11:07:53

I am sorry to rant on but I feel strongly about someone who spends his life caring for others is so badly treated himself.XX