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no hot water or heating.....

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boheminan Thu 22-Nov-18 15:30:20

I'm an unpaid carer in my 70's. I look after my partner who has advanced cancer and should be kept warm. I'm on a state pension/pension credit (so, not a lot of money coming in). Last week the gas boiler broke down, leaving us without heating or hot water.

I called a couple of boiler plumbers who were too busy, but I finally managed to find a local bloke who came out (this was last Tuesday, 13th). A part was needed and was ordered on the spot. He said he'd call and come to fix it asap. I explained to him our situation as I thought we might have some priority. Nearly 10 days, two phone calls and an email (from me to them) later and no response.

Fortunately I have a couple of convector heaters, which I've been having to use for the last week+ 24hrs a day, plus leaving the gas oven on constantly. I'm frantically worried about how much extra this is going to cost in electricity/gas. There's no hot water and last night the temperature indoors sunk to 14 degrees.

Partner has been despatched to a friends house, as I was so worried about his condition.

I've tried phoning the plumber again - no answer. I can't get a helpful response from Age Concern (no one to answer my call).

Basically, I'm at my wits end, scared and don't know where to turn.

Elegran Thu 22-Nov-18 15:39:13

Would Social Work be able to find someone to do something faster? Or your GP surgery? Or CAB? Or contacting your local newspaper and naming and shaming the plumber? Is there a "local chat" type website for your area - an online search might reveal one.

GrannyGravy13 Thu 22-Nov-18 15:52:46

What Elegran said.
Sending you a virtual hug 💐

EllanVannin Thu 22-Nov-18 15:56:44

This is a damned awful situation to be in with the level of response abysmal from those who are supposed to be of help.
Sadly you've got to be bolshie at times in order for anything to get done,it seems.

Marie Curie or MacMillan staff I'm sure would be of help under these circumstances. It would be worth contacting them-------provided you get an answer that is.

This is appalling.

M0nica Thu 22-Nov-18 17:17:54

Social Services or your electricity company. You can sign up with them to go on their vulnerability register. This will give you every sort of priority.

Kateykrunch Thu 22-Nov-18 17:47:36

It may be worth contacting Macmillan cancer support - I think they have some financial assistance available. Their web site is
I hope you get sorted soon.

Jalima1108 Thu 22-Nov-18 17:54:21

Some good advice here and I hope you get it sorted out asap boheminan.
It can get cold so quickly then the house takes a while to warm through again; last spring we had a boiler replaced which meant no heating and there was a sudden freezing cold snap which meant the plumber had to keep going off to emergency call-outs.

Age Concern (if they answer the phone) can recommend tradespeople and other organisations mentioned above should be able to advise and help you.

MissAdventure Thu 22-Nov-18 17:58:02

Your supplier should help you, I'm sure.
I think you need to phone around, and be sure to mention your partners cancer.
Even if you've told people before, make sure they are still aware of your situation, because a lot of these companies lose important notes.

Jalima1108 Thu 22-Nov-18 18:00:45

Do you know about this help with heating, boheminan?

In the meantime I hope the boiler gets fixed as a matter of urgency.

boheminan Thu 22-Nov-18 18:17:48

Thank you for the Macmillan lead Jalima1108. Although it says the line's open til 8.00pm, I've just tried and had a recorded message saying their only open until 5.00pm, back to square 1

Jalima1108 Thu 22-Nov-18 18:19:06

First thing tomorrow, fingers crossed they will be there!

MissAdventure Thu 22-Nov-18 18:26:31

Macmillan will help with a grant towards heating costs, and that would probably include repairs, but you have to wait until it is processed.
Its a fairly short wait I think.