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Granny23 Sun 23-Dec-18 11:12:22

This was requested last night on a local radio station as a tribute to his and all carers. Shed a tear watching it - the sentiments are so apt and I am sure our careese would voice them if they could.

Granny23 Sun 23-Dec-18 11:17:49

OH for an edit button. This is a better link

travelsafar Sun 23-Dec-18 11:19:04

Just heard this afew moments ago on the local radio, perfect song choice.

Anniebach Sun 23-Dec-18 12:35:52

Perfect , thank you Granny23

Gagagran Sun 23-Dec-18 13:19:27

Wonderful Elvis! My teenage crush and still is. Noone could sing like him, and still can't and this song is one of my favourites.

Thanks Granny23. Loved it!

ninathenana Sun 23-Dec-18 13:24:46

I've never though of the lyrics in relation to carers but now I have it's very moving.
Can't beat a bit of Elvis tchsmile

Granny23 Sun 23-Dec-18 13:29:13

Well, I'm just checking back in to see what time I posted the link, because straight afterwards I took DH to the bathroom and persuaded him to try having a bath (our shower is broken and I doubt the plumber will appear before Christmas). So he got in and sat down without too much difficulty. I washed his hair and then his body and feet. He said it was lovely and would just soak for five minutes - so far so good.

Then I tried to get him out. He would not co-operate or follow my instructions. Deaf as a post as of course hearing aids were out for bathing. Everytime I pushed or pulled he pushed or pulled in the opposite direction. He kept begging me to stop as I was hurting his weak arm, groaning and complaining that he was cold. Finally I threatened to call out the MECS people or fire brigade and he began to cooperate, lifting his bum while I pushed cushions, towels etc, under until he was level with the side of the bath, got his legs out and with one long pull 13st Man was upright and out.

Is he grateful? Not a bit of it. Blames me for subjecting him to the ordeal. It was easy to promise NEVER AGAIN.

grannyactivist Sun 23-Dec-18 13:51:01

Oh Granny23 - some heroes don't wear capes and there are many carers like you who will never get the thanks they deserve, but here's a (((hug))) and some flowers just to acknowledge that what you are doing is worth appreciation.