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DouglasJohnson Sat 23-Nov-19 00:00:48

Hello all,

I'm 68 and still feeling great! I'm wondering if anyone else out there deals with small issues that just aren't worth paying a carer for. Or the types of things that maybe you're too embarrassed/shy to ask a neighbor for.

I've been looking for some help in my neighborhood and it's difficult. I'm wondering if any of you face the same challenges and what you all wish you had a little help with smile

M0nica Sat 23-Nov-19 00:14:39

Could you give us a better idea of the kinds of services you have in mind?

BlueBelle Sat 23-Nov-19 07:28:23

Very cryptic

sodapop Sat 23-Nov-19 07:41:07

What are you suggesting MOnica grin

ninathenana Sat 23-Nov-19 07:43:41

Welcone DouglasJohnson
Don't be shy, help us to help you by giving a bit more info.
Am I right in thinking your in U.S. ? I'm going on the way you spell neighbour. It's just that our systems work differently when it comes to care.

Marydoll Sat 23-Nov-19 08:15:04

Always lovely to see a new member, DouglasJohnson.

You are not very specific about what you are looking for. Perhaps you could give us some more information about yourself.

Auntieflo Sat 23-Nov-19 08:26:42

??? confused ???

wildswan16 Sat 23-Nov-19 08:56:22

Cryptic thread title. I'm not getting involved.

Alexa Sat 23-Nov-19 09:02:12

Douglas, if you mean help with inserting a suppository, opening hard to open containers, cutting the toenails, or picking up dog poo from the garden I am with you there. So far I can manage suppositories, and dog poo, but not bleach bottles.

Personal care is expensive if you can find it. Personal nursing care is even more difficult to find even hospitals cannot get enough nurses.

I wonder if advertising for odd job woman with some nursing experience in the local paper might avail. IK say "woman" as I have in mind someone practical who can multitask.

MawB Sat 23-Nov-19 09:13:14

Let’s not leap to conclusions. On my own (as many are) I may have an inkling what DJ means, but if it is toenails (podiatrist) getting socks on (there are gadgets) getting out of the bath (either one of those funny bath devices or give up and have a shower) .
For anything more personal, it would have to be a carer.
You could try discussing matters with a nurse for advice or ringing a Care Agency who will provide different levels of service, but unsurprisingly, if you can’t do things yourself, you have to pay.
On a domestic/practical level I have a lovely male cleaner who also takes heavy things into or out of the loft, replaces high up light bulbs, moves garden furniture into the garage for the winter, and any other “odd jobs” of that ilk.
Perhaps you could be clearer? Good luck anyway.

Granny23 Sat 23-Nov-19 09:20:48

Living alone and having broken my arm, I have had a carer coming in morning and night to help me with washing and dressing. Arranged via Social Work and free here in Scotland under Free Personal Care. Before DH went into a care home he similarly had carers coming morning and evening and visits from the District Nurse to change and deal with his catheter. These services can also be booked independently via any of the Commercial Caring Agencies.

Your thread title is somewhat ????? and can be read that you are seeking something of a more intimate service. There are no statutory or charitable services that would provide this but I am sure there are many individuals and 'businesses' who would be only too happy to arrange this for you at considerable cost.

Your thread

aggie Sat 23-Nov-19 09:21:37

Having woken up with an agonising pain in the joint at the base of my left thumb I find it impossible to dress! Maybe that’s what the OP needs help with , not the whole personal care but occasional help ?

Alexa Sat 23-Nov-19 09:56:59

Yes Aggie, it's the occasional help that is hard to find. I rang round some agencies and none of them could offer occasional help and all of then required regular contracts. The agencies can make their own terms,as nursing or personal care or even domestic care is so much in demand and so scarce.

Alexa Sat 23-Nov-19 10:00:24

PS Aggie I hope it's simple osteoarthritis. I had this at base of thumb difficult to work gear stick on the car. I ceased to use the joint and after a time it got better. I gather that resting joints can be good for osteo interspersed with excercise short of discomfort or pain.

Hetty58 Sat 23-Nov-19 10:01:43

I must admit that reaching my toenails is becoming a problem (more due to a back injury than age) but pride prevents me from going to a chiropodist until I really can't manage.

I make a list of things I can't or shouldn't do (furniture that needs moving, ceilings to paint, high up cleaning etc.) for when family members visit. They don't mind helping. There is also a handyman scheme here, available through the council, for minor repairs.

My mother, in her later years, had a gardener/handyman, a cleaner and window cleaners that would do inside too. She would still drive and shop (at 89 years young) but got the shop staff to open jars and packets for her!

She had some new neighbours and they offered her 'Any help, any time!'. I was unaware (for months) that she'd been getting this poor woman in from next door at 9.30 am, every morning, to put her shoes on!

Alexa Sat 23-Nov-19 10:10:11

Hetty, Me too the toenail thing. Same as with socks, I have a strong wooden stool which I position close to a soft armchair in case I fall backwards, and the stool is just the right height to lift my foot on to for socks or toenails. Toenails cut when soft after hot shower.

MawB Sat 23-Nov-19 10:23:21

I must admit that reaching my toenails is becoming a problem (more due to a back injury than age) but pride prevents me from going to a chiropodist until I really can't manage

What’s pride got to do with it?
I’ve been having pedicures for decades and regularly seeing a podiatrist while I was working because being on my feet all day in smart shoes was making them so painful.

Sparklefizz Sat 23-Nov-19 13:19:10

aggie I had the same a few years ago (agonising pain in thumb joint). Rhus Tox & Ruta cream is brilliant, and I use it on my hands all the time as the pain spread from one thumb to both thumbs and several fingers, and then wrists.

I don't like taking painkillers as I have a lot of other problems and can't tolerate drugs.

DouglasJohnson Sat 23-Nov-19 13:23:16

Thanks all for the amazing responses! such a great community.

Since it was my first post here I didn't realize how unclear it was!

What I meant by "low-touch care", is things that you feel you need help with but might not necessarily need help from a trained carer. For example, the toe nail scenario, light gardening, just a chat etc.

I was just curious if there were other examples of things people wish they could get help for (which don't need to be from a carer) and how they currently go about getting that help. I'm here in the UK at the moment but happy to hear others stories!

Callistemon Sat 23-Nov-19 13:29:14

You can buy gadgets to help you put your socks on, to do up zips etc.
A stool in the shower or a walk in bath could be the answer to personal hygiene problems.
And a chiropodist to cut toe nails.

Gardeners are more difficult to come by and if you find one treat them with care!

Alexa Sat 23-Nov-19 16:54:38

Callistemon, all these aids are of use. Potentially anyway, as some may need tailormade aids.

Unfortunately there is no substitute for helpful kin or friends or good neighbours who can orchestrate the various sources of local authority aid.

MrsEggy Sat 23-Nov-19 17:54:55

I have found a pedicure, with or without varnish, a lot less expensive than a chiropodist. I don't know if they would do men's feet though.

BlueBelle Sat 23-Nov-19 17:59:22

I can still bite my toenails (if I wanted to) it’s true honest

Callistemon Sat 23-Nov-19 18:08:51

Alexa I think that Douglas was asking for suggestions which could help him retain some independence without having to ask a neighbour or pay a carer, for the time being at least.
And for as long as possible, one hopes.

crazyH Sat 23-Nov-19 18:09:24

I agree with Mrs Eggy - a pedicure is a nice 'treat'.
Or, do as I do -- put your feet on the toilet bowl - so much easier to cut your toenails that way.