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GrandparentKinshipResearch Mon 07-Jun-21 11:35:05

I am a Clinical Psychologist in training with the University of Edinburgh conducting research into the mental well being of Grandparent Kinship Carers.

Previous research has shown that kinship care provides benefits for the child that care by a foster care placement does not, including better mental health and behavioural outcomes. Despite the benefits for the child, research has shown that grandparent kinship carers, especially, are at a disadvantage financially and with regard to their physical and mental health. We would like to explore the factors that might influence mental well being in Grandparent Kinship Carers.

We would like to gather information on these factors by asking grandparent kinship carers to complete an online questionnaire. We are looking for Grandparent Kinship carers over the age of 55 who are currently caring for a grandchild or grandchildren aged 0-25 years. These questionnaires take around 25 minutes to complete and participants can choose to be entered into a prize draw to win one of four £25 Amazon vouchers as a thank you for their participation.

It is hoped that the findings of this study may help to highlight the difficulties faced by grandparent kinship carers and explore the factors which contribute to this. This information is invaluable for gaining more specific support for, and informing how best to help Grandparent Kinship Carers in the future.

To find out more about the study and to take part please visit: