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Good residential care for extremely mentally capable older lady in Greater Manchester

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Gutzi Tue 06-Jul-21 10:02:27

Good morning all! I'm new, a nan of 5 teens and really happy to have found you. Can I pick your brains on behalf of a dear friend of mine? She is 97, a tiny bit frail but still fully engaged in life and living. Unfortunately she has found herself in a very limiting care home (she's the only one without dementia and the staff don't really have time for her) and is desperate to find somewhere where she can follow her interests - political and social history, current affairs, classical music etc - mainly good conversation. Does anyone who hails from Manchester/Stockport know of any good care homes that may support her better?
Thank you!

Oopsadaisy1 Tue 06-Jul-21 12:39:08

I think the only way to do this is to visit the various care homes in the area and have a look around, you can’t trust the bumpf they send you, back in the day you could all go along and spend half a day there and get a feel for the place.

Hopefully after 19th July that will become possible again.

My Aunt was the same, she was in a council funded care home and although most of the residents were suffering from dementia she had a good relationship with the carers who would sit and chat with her and take her for walks in the gardens and in those days she was able to do things in the kitchen, they would pull up a chair for her and she would peel carrots etc. Sadly those days have gone and I feel so sad for your friend.

cornishpatsy Tue 06-Jul-21 12:56:01

You might be better going on your local facebook page. Ask people to message you with their experience of the homes in that area.

Grandmabatty Tue 06-Jul-21 13:01:31

You could look at The care commission reports once you know of some care home names. They aren't always up to date though.

Artaylar Tue 06-Jul-21 13:14:58

Perhaps an Extra Care Housing Scheme would be more suitable for your friend. A friend of our family had a little flat in one where she also had access to care with her physical needs. There was also a restaurant on site too which people who lived there could use when they didnt feel like cooking themselves.

Here is some information on Extra Care Housing from Independant Age. From my understanding it is not suitable for people with dementia.

Here is a directory of the 75 Extra Care Housing Schemes in Greater Manchester - some are for sale and some are for rent.

Hope this helps your friend, it must be very miserable for her where she is living now.

Feelingmyage55 Tue 06-Jul-21 14:02:33

GPS and ministers/vicars who are connected to the homes will have an insight if you know any. Churches with firm connections to homes may also have visitors from the congregation who can make good conversation. Does your friend have a tablet and WiFi in her room. The internet brought the outside world in for my parent. Not as good as a real life visitor, but could follow politics, travel the world, play chess, do crosswords, FaceTime etc. Pm me if you wish.

trisher Mon 30-Aug-21 12:38:58

Have a look at Abbeyfield Care. I know someone who had a relative in a few different care homes, she found Abbeyfield which is a non-profit organisation provided the best support and care she could wish for. She said the whole ethos is different, it is resident focused and not about profit.

Nannagarra Mon 30-Aug-21 13:20:21

My MiL spent time in three care homes, the last being Ashbourne House, Gatley, which in 2009 (the year she died) was excellent. It was well maintained, residents were lively and happy and the food they ate was outstanding. My MiL loved it. I hope this is of help to you.

Liz46 Mon 30-Aug-21 13:32:10

I got a good recommendation from my mum's neighbour who is a hairdresser who goes round homes. Maybe, if you can find a chiropodist or hairdresser who visits homes, you may get help.

ExDancer Mon 30-Aug-21 13:52:32

Is she self funding or reliant on social/council care? This may limit her choice. Is this what she wants, or what you think she needs?

Teacheranne Mon 30-Aug-21 16:17:16

My mum is in a care home in Stockport run by Borough Care. They have twelve care homes ( a new one in Shropshire, the rest in Stockport) and are a not for profit company. Mum is in one for those with dementia but I am sure they have others that are more for frail residents.