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How long do care home give you to sell flat

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GillT57 Mon 21-Mar-22 17:17:35


She is eligible for attendance allowance and carers allowance, your local council will arrange a deferred payment scheme.
Contact Adult Social Care dept.

Not carer's allowance. This is only paid to the carer up to state retirement age as it is intended to compensate for not being able to work. The higher rate attendance allowance will be payable though, so you may find that the shortfall is not as horrific as it sounds

Newatthis Mon 21-Mar-22 17:09:40

There is a law firm (in Birmingham I think) deals with cases like this. My MiL spent almost two years in a care home and never paid thanks to the law firm and the cost to my husband was jsut around £4000 I think - well spent money in the end.

M0nica Mon 21-Mar-22 16:55:58

here is the link to the Age UK Factsheet /

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 21-Mar-22 16:04:22

MIL went into a home in 2019 , cost £1400 per week, she had enough savings to last her for a few weeks, but the Nursing Home Owner knew that my sister in law had POA and that MILs house had been put up for sale. That was a condition of her being allowed to stay there.
the Home Owner was given the valuation of the house from the Estate Agents as well, so they knew that the money was there.
Because we knew the house had to be sold quickly we had to go with the first offer that looked as though it would go through, until it sold the bills were put onto account, when the house sold (MIL had died by then) the bill was settled.
However, if the money had run out, then MIL would have had to be moved to a Local Authority home, but we knew that by then she wouldn’t have known much about it.
Her pension was paid to the home as it came in.

Clio Mon 21-Mar-22 15:34:27

Thank you all

We haven’t had much involvement in her care as there is a feud in the family
Sister is power of attorney and she as taken it over. SS have been involved for a while
The first we new was when dp got call from other sister to say she’d gone into care that day. Dp was only there on weds this was fri
But you can’t get any sense from mil, she forgets what’s been said 2 minutes later

The cost I got wrong, I’ve just had a look it’s
£1250 a week for dementia patients
I know she gets her
Government pension
Pension credit
Private pension tiny £50 mth
Attendance allowance

So does all of those get added up and she puts the shortfall to herself?
If that’s the case, the 1k won’t last long at those prices will it

Sago Mon 21-Mar-22 15:22:42

She is eligible for attendance allowance and carers allowance, your local council will arrange a deferred payment scheme.
Contact Adult Social Care dept.

Farzanah Mon 21-Mar-22 15:00:00

I have enquired about this for my mother who has her own home, which is of low value.
You can arrange with the local council for a deferred payment scheme, where in effect you have an agreement to borrow the money from them and repay when the house is sold.
In my mothers case they have a say in which home is chosen, I understand because they are left with responsibility for payment when money runs out.
It was recently reported that private funders pay around 40% more for care home fees than those funded by LA.

Luckygirl3 Mon 21-Mar-22 14:51:25

SS will do a financial assessment. I am surprised that they have placed her in such a expensive home, as, should she live a substantial length of time, SS would become responsible for her fees - although most homes have different fees for private and SS residents - same care though.

It should be that SS will cover her fees (if she has no savings, or very low savings) while she is selling her property - she will then owe them the money back. During the interim, SS will effectively "take" the majority of her income towards her fees, leaving her with a small amount of "pocket money."

Do go onto the Age Concern website - they have lots of information there.

Does anyone have Power of Attorney for your MIL? There is no way she will be able to work her way through the financial minefield without help. Have you met the social worker? I think you need to make an appointment with them asap.

What is the home like? Do you feel happy with her being there?

Good luck with it all.

Bridgeit Mon 21-Mar-22 14:47:33

There is a cut of point, can’t remember what the exact amount is , I think it’s about £10, 000 .

Clio Mon 21-Mar-22 14:30:44

Mil has just this week been taken into a care home she has dementia
The fees are 1375 a WEEK
She has a private flat that probably worth about 100/120k

How long do the home give you to sell the flat, does anyone know ?
Also at that amount that means if she as to pay it all, it would only be just over a year until the money as gone from the flat sale

It was ss who took over as mil used to have 3:4 carers a day.
If ss take over and put her in the home, is she eligible for any financial help?

This is all new,