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bagitha Sun 15-Jan-12 18:29:02

jeni wants to know where the hell you are!

bagitha Sun 15-Jan-12 20:07:12


jingl Sun 15-Jan-12 22:44:10

Was out (yeah, they let me out sometimes)

going bed now

night night jeni


bagitha Mon 16-Jan-12 20:57:48

bump again

jingl Mon 16-Jan-12 21:08:06

Sod off.

bagitha Tue 17-Jan-12 06:34:41

Ah, that mood again. Thanks for the warning.

bagitha Tue 17-Jan-12 06:39:13

I bumped it for jeni, not you jings. Stop being such a grump and so self-centred.

bagitha Tue 17-Jan-12 06:39:27

NOW I'll bugger off.

jingl Tue 17-Jan-12 09:24:26

Joking, Bags.

Sorry we don't share the same wave length.

jingl Tue 17-Jan-12 09:29:08

Really thought you would 'get' that.

But I guess we are all complete strangers. sad

bagitha Tue 17-Jan-12 09:33:49

Perhaps you could make your jokes a little less rude-sounding, jings, and then I'd 'get' them. I'm not used to that level of rudeness. Words do matter. I accept that you meant it as a joke, but I'd really rather you were politer or somehow made it obvious that you're joking. It isn't obvious as it stands.

kittylester Tue 17-Jan-12 10:20:50

Seriously, jingl is everything ok?

Bagitha maybe jingl has a problem and would like to talk about it. Lots of people are really rude to other people when they are feeling bad about something in themselves - I've had teenagers!! wink

Hope you didn't mind my butting in.

bagitha Tue 17-Jan-12 10:30:39

I don't mind at all, kitty. The more the better is the way it goes on GN.

I expect I would have 'got' the joke if it had been said face to face, with eye-contact, and a grin on the speaker's face, but we don't have that personal touch on a computer screen without the help of some extra words or emoticons.

jingl Tue 17-Jan-12 10:33:09

I don't think me and GN mix somehow! grin

No problem Kittylester. smile

It's no good me saying anything else.

I really thought it was obvious I was being flippant!

gracesmum Tue 17-Jan-12 10:45:58

grin is pretty good as a "I'm only joking/being flippant " icon but maybe we need something stronger?

gracesmum Tue 17-Jan-12 10:47:31

Pressed "post" too soon - what I wanted to add is what you hear is not always what was said. And very much more so when it is written.

em Tue 17-Jan-12 10:55:36

Kitty and Jeni - by staying with GN you'll see that this happens from time to time. Some grans see it as amusing and witty, others find it childish and irritating. You simply have to make up your own mind. Do you choose to ignore the occasional huff and tantrum or to encourage it for your own amusement ? Your choice!

Annika Tue 17-Jan-12 11:38:56

Its hard to really get to know any one on here as we do not have face to face contact.
In life there are folks we have as good friends and some we do not really get on with such is life.
But I hope we can all be good friends on here as there are some nasty folks out there and life is too short.
Looking back at the forums we have on the whole been there for each other and we have also had many laughs . Here's to freindshipwine

bagitha Tue 17-Jan-12 11:45:06

On the whole, I think you and GN get on very well, jings, which is why it's such a shock when the grin emoticon is not added where it would be REALLY useful. I gather from things you've said that you used mumsnet for a few years before you came over to the gran side. Many of us do not have any previous experience of online forums. I would certainly take it kindly if you would bear that in mind when you use what can be construed as rude words (because they often are rude) in a jokey way. No hard feelings no smile, but it was a bit of a thump to the chest again sad.

bagitha Tue 17-Jan-12 11:45:57

now before smile, not no. Sigh!

bagitha Tue 17-Jan-12 11:47:10

How would you feel if one of your grandsons told you to sod off? Even jokily.

kittylester Tue 17-Jan-12 11:48:42

Well said Annika I'd also add that there are people with whom we are "friendly" in real life because they are friends of friends etc!

Em - I too have felt "got at" on occasion in the months since I joined Gransnet and, if I have mentioned it, I have had honest opinions on what I have said and felt.

I think it's true that face to face is better but a variation of the dreadful "lol" might help.

So might a relaxing brew or wine

jeni Tue 17-Jan-12 11:52:20

It doesn't worry me, but I was worried about jingle, I usually love her sense of humour Adsense of mischief! I would miss her greatly if she left gn.
jingl if you read this "come back all is forgiven"

syberia Tue 17-Jan-12 11:58:34

Can we all play nice?
I love gransnet as it gives me a great escape from what is often a stressful life.
Sometimes we are all more sensitive than usual and we all need a bit more tlc

Bagitha thanks Jingl thanks

Annobel Tue 17-Jan-12 12:29:15

Don't worry, syberia, they love each other really. hmm