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So he's off to B&Q...

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Ariadne Wed 04-Apr-12 10:18:27

And I said "Could you get a new lampshade for the study, please? An up lighter" (demonstrated with hand gestures) " in cream."

I now have a beige, down hanging lampshade!

"Oh, please don't make me take it back!"

I do love him.....

Notsogrand Wed 04-Apr-12 10:23:34

My OG went to the supermarket once with a very carefully described list and came back with cat food. We didn't have a cat confused

Notsogrand Wed 04-Apr-12 10:26:35

Was he looking at it upside down Ariadne?

Has he been tested for colour blindness?

Ariadne Wed 04-Apr-12 10:30:45

notsogrand grin

"it was only £5.48, with 10% off!"

wotsamashedupjingl Wed 04-Apr-12 10:34:15

Tell him he's got to modify it so you can hang it the other way up.

You'll have to live with the colour.


yogagran Wed 04-Apr-12 10:51:27

If you want something done - you have to do it yourself sad

glammanana Wed 04-Apr-12 15:12:16

Bless him at least he tried mr. glamma is not allowed near light fittings again,he took down crystals (glass) from chandelier in lounge to wash them before decorating,I did not notice until next day he had put the drops back in the wrong way,the long ones around the side and the short ones in the middle,so all wonky "whats the difference" says he" the light still comes on doesn't it "?

numberplease Wed 04-Apr-12 16:53:56

Mine went to B & Q this morning. One of the things he wanted was a roll of wallpaper for a rather small wall, about 10`x 6`, he came back with 3 rolls!

stanleypj Thu 05-Apr-12 13:21:51

Maybe it's a man thing, but I've never seen the point of uplighters. You want a light for seeing things surely? Your uplighter lights up the ceiling very well but I find that the things you want to see are mostly below ceiling level.

Greatnan Thu 05-Apr-12 14:26:45

I get annoyed in hotels because the bedside light is always too low for reading in bed - I usually end up trying to take off the shade, or finding something for the lamp to stand on. At home, I have a standard lamp with a flexible arm so I can have the light just where I want it.

My ex was another who was quite incapable of going into a supermarket and just getting what we needed. We would usually end up with some exotic fruits and vegetables and no bread or milk. I often wondered how he fared when he had to live alone.

Annika Thu 05-Apr-12 16:00:36

Mr Annika came home from the supermarket with a tin of plumbs because they were on offer, fair enough you may think but in all our married life I have never used tin plumbs in shape or form. The said tin ended up with one of the GC taking it to school for harvest festival ! wink

susiecb Thu 05-Apr-12 16:11:15

DH said go out, relax and enjoy your hairdo. Anything you want doing? No said I but rang him when I got to Oakham and said could you get a M & S Liver and bacon out of the freezer for my dinner tonight (he is going out) did he. No of course not - waste of phone call - do it myself next time.

Ariadne Thu 05-Apr-12 16:13:32

Yes, stanleypj it is a man thing! Centre lights aren't necessarily for use, I think, but they have to look right. Ambient lighting is what we aim for. And, honestly, if you're anything like Theseus, you wouldn't be able to find what you were looking for, light or no light. But hey, we do appreciate your finer qualities. (That is a generic "you", of course!)

Ariadne Thu 05-Apr-12 19:16:27

stanleypj Theseus says you are a man who talks a lot of sense.