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Bon Voyage Jeni!

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numberplease Tue 18-Dec-12 17:12:53

In case I don`t get back on here till it`s too late, Jeni, I hope you have a wonderful time! xx

Bags Tue 18-Dec-12 17:15:05

In case you're up (and gone) before I'm awake tomorrow, bobvoyage from me too, jeni. I know you'll do gransnet proud. Don't get thrown off for rowdiness though. Merry Christmas!

Bags Tue 18-Dec-12 17:15:36

Bob voyage! [cmas holly emoticon]

Barrow Tue 18-Dec-12 17:17:53

Have fun - and do all the things your Mother told you not to do! grin

Anne58 Tue 18-Dec-12 17:18:11

Bags have you been at the sherry? grin

Jeni have a wonderful time, enjoy every last bit of it!

kittylester Tue 18-Dec-12 17:18:32

Have a great time jeni and a very merry Christmas - sure you will. grin

whenim64 Tue 18-Dec-12 17:22:43

Enjoy the sunshine jeni and try to behave on your table this time lol grin

jeni Tue 18-Dec-12 17:23:48

How very kind of all of you.

Thankyou very much indeed.

I hope you all have the kind of Christmas you most desiresmilewinecupcake

Nelliemoser Tue 18-Dec-12 17:24:40

Have a lovely time Jeni. envy

jO5 Tue 18-Dec-12 17:24:41

Have a great time jeni. smile

mrshat Tue 18-Dec-12 17:27:18

Have a lovely time and Happy Christmas Jeni smile

annodomini Tue 18-Dec-12 17:35:19

Enjoy your cruise, jeni, ignore when - what's the point of behaving? And come back refreshed. Happy Christmas. grin

jeni Tue 18-Dec-12 17:35:55


baubles Tue 18-Dec-12 17:39:55

Hope you have a fabulous, festive, funfilled fete smile

Movedalot Tue 18-Dec-12 17:44:17

Enjoy smile

Notsogrand Tue 18-Dec-12 17:46:58

I'll wave........

Ana Tue 18-Dec-12 17:46:59

Have a wonderful time, jeni. We want to see lots of photos when you get back! grin

Marelli Tue 18-Dec-12 17:49:05

Have a lovely holiday jeni, and all the very best of wishes for a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year when it comes. smile

jeni Tue 18-Dec-12 18:14:03

Notso we sail at 6pm. You can't miss us. A girt big thing going down the Solent!
And that's just me. You should see the ship!grin

merlotgran Tue 18-Dec-12 18:17:03

Have a lovely time, jeni wine

Butty Tue 18-Dec-12 18:19:54

jeni Wishing you joy! xx

Hope you've got your crutches suitably entwined with twinkling lights......wink

jeni Tue 18-Dec-12 18:20:50

Red ones on the left and green on the right!

gracesmum Tue 18-Dec-12 19:44:04

All together now ..."All the nice girls, love a sailor......." Have a wonderful time!!

Notsogrand Tue 18-Dec-12 20:15:05

Just checked the must be on Victoria? Look across the water as you set off, I'll be at Hythe Marina waving like mad! Have a great time smile

jeni Tue 18-Dec-12 20:36:38

No Elizabeth!
Setting off from ocean terminal
Will Hythe marina be to port or starboard.
I'm on deck 4 port side!