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What was your most embarrassing moment?

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Daisyanswerdo Mon 23-Feb-15 11:55:46

Years ago, when I was in financial straits, I was employed as a life model for the local art school. I remember very well the first time, sitting on the edge of a low stage in nothing but my dressing-gown (or what I tried to think of as my 'negligee', to boost my almost non-existent morale), my heart thumping wildly, aware that there was no easy way of going back. The room was full of students behind their easels, waiting for the tutor. The door opened - and in came the tutor. Fright turned to near-paralysis - I'd met him socially a few nights earlier. Something got me through the next moments, but the memory can still make me a little bit breathless.

loopylou Mon 23-Feb-15 12:10:43

Blimey Daisy!
I'm sure I'd have died of embarrassment...... Or fled the room!

annodomini Mon 23-Feb-15 12:33:19

You're a brave woman, Daisy. I think I might have fainted in the circumstances! You tell it so well!

feetlebaum Mon 23-Feb-15 12:47:48

My embarrassing moment* was entirely my own stupid fault. During rehearsal for a "25 Years of BBC TV" programme, I was watching from the wings (it was in a theatre rather than a studio) while on stage a gentleman in a rather tight blue velvet cat-suit, was prancing around a seated model, with comb and scissors. Raymonde, Mr Teasy-Weasy...

Airily i said, in my best Oscar Wilde voice to nobody in particular, "Who's the fat poof?"

A face smiled in the darkness and a sweet voice said "Oh, that's my father..."

I think it's to my credit that I didn't try to explain or apologise, but just slunk away, to find somewhere to hide my face! It had been meant as a joke - but was doomed to fail.

* Well... one of them!

Jane10 Mon 23-Feb-15 14:18:10

I'm afraid that my most embarrassing moment is , well, just too embarrassing! blush

loopylou Mon 23-Feb-15 14:22:06

The only time I wore French knickers the elastic broke and after 'walking' in a very strange manner with knees locked together for some 10 yards I gave up and stepped out of them, gathered them up and shoved them in my pocket.
I didn't dare look behind me to see who'd witnessed it blush

gillybob Mon 23-Feb-15 14:53:11

I have had quite a few embarrasing moments over the years but my most recent still makes me giggle.

We were staying in the caravan. It was December and freezing cold outside. I literally stepped out of my (skinny, its relevant) jeans and into my pjs and got into bed. The next morning I had a quick shower and got dressed in the same jeans as the day before. We went for a long walk and found a lovely pub where we decided to have a bit lunch. We were stood at the bar waiting to be served when this lady said "excuse me dear, but I think you might have something stuck to the bottom of your jeans" and she bent down and tugged. Imagine my sheer horror when she stood up with my yesterday's knickers in her hand shock

I was mortified at first but eventually saw the funny side and laughed my head off !

granjura Mon 23-Feb-15 15:28:40

Same here- too many to choose one ;)

The earliest was at my brother's first Communion- my God parents and his were invited for lunch- very well-to-do all 4 of them. We had gone to buy my first suit and stockings and suspenders- but I hate so much at lunch that I undid the button at the waist (no zip). Mum asked me to go and get something from the kitchen and I stood up- and skirt fell to the ground. Was about 12 at the time- nobody batted an eye-lid- and even my brother didn't joke about it to friends.

Another major boo-boo was during my first visit to OH's family. After lunch, future OH, his brother and mum cleared up the table and went to the kitchen- they would NOT let me help. So I was stuck in lounge with future fil- and there was the Downhill ski Cup on TV. He asked me if I skied- and of course I said that I had done so since I was a toddler. He was puzzled by the sport- so I tried to explain. 'To win a race, the equipment and preparation is as important as the ability of the skier. The one who farts best is often the winner'. He looked bemused and confused- so I expalined further. 'Yes, it is quite an art- a bit like choosing Formula 1 tyres. They have to study the weather forecast, the humidity and temp of the snow at top, middle and bottom- and then fart accordingly'. More surprise and funny looks. Anyhow, in the end, I realised why- and was mortified. Still a family joke 45 years later! Farter in French means to apply wax to the bottom of the skis (lots of different waxes avaialble depending on the type of snow, etc). Hmmm.

granjura Mon 23-Feb-15 15:29:59

3rd time I met future DH- we were joking about bad habits. I laughed and said I still 'sucked my thumb' sometimes - only I got the words wrong and said 'f***ed my sumb'. He was rather surprised too.

gillybob Mon 23-Feb-15 16:21:31

In the Christmas song Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow I always sing
.......and I've brought some "porn for cocking" instead of corn for popping! Yikes.

anxiousgran Mon 23-Feb-15 17:43:44

I was 13, having one of my first periods, very hot and uncomfortable in a 1960's sanitary towel and belt.
A large unaccompanied golden labrador came straight towards me, put its large paws on my shoulders and started to hump me. I couldn't get the thing off me however hard I tried, much to the amusement of the men and school boys at the bus stop.
I've been afraid of dogs ever since and was relieved to discover tampons soon after.

Anne58 Mon 23-Feb-15 18:03:05

Oh heavens, where would I start, the wheelie bin episode, standing naked behind the part glazed front door, opening it to let the cat in, and being somewhat surprised when an arm came though the gap holding our post, dashing into DS1's school after I had accidentally included something in the stuff I was donating for the white elephant stall, trying to explain what it was to the school secretary and only when I got back to car realised that I had described it as "a decorative plate showing Scrooge talking to the ghost of Bob Marley", having had to abandon my knickers on the 9.57 to Paddington.........................blush

Eloethan Mon 23-Feb-15 18:04:23

Oh, go on Jane10!

Grannyknot Mon 23-Feb-15 18:42:43

I have never told anyone about this (apart from now!)

My first love and I had been seperated for a few months (can't remember why). He showed up at my house unexpectedly where I was alone at home and promptly swept me into a Hollywood embrace and into the bathroom which was just off the entrance hall and let's just say we got carried away in the heat of the moment. Only to discover, once in various stages of undress, when someone called "Coo-ee" at front door, that we had not shut the front door nor the bathroom door (wasn't expecting anyone!) So I held a very shaky and stilted conversation with my great-aunt from the bathroom - something along the lines of "Sorry, I can't come to the door" and hoped to God she wouldn't come into the flat looking for me. She later told my mother that I had behaved very strangely that day blush.

Needless to say boyfriend and I collapsed with laughter the minute she left. I have never forgotten that "close call" and still cringe at the thought of what might have happened.

numberplease Mon 23-Feb-15 22:29:47

Mine was caused by hubby.We were in our touring caravan on a site in Cornwall. The family next door were having breakfast at the table in the window, hubby was standing in the caravan doorway, and his shorts fell down. Not too bad, you might think, bbut he wasn`t wearing any underwear! I avoided that family for the rest of the week!

numberplease Mon 23-Feb-15 22:30:30

Then there was the time I came out of the ladies with my skirt caught up in my knickers!

Galen Mon 23-Feb-15 22:53:48

I've done that on many occasions in the past.
I'm now obsessive about checking

harrigran Mon 23-Feb-15 23:50:25

And that is why I almost always wear trousers grin

Falconbird Tue 24-Feb-15 08:01:59

anxiousgran - I can totally relate to your story about the humping dog. When I was about 9 and an animal lover, I encountered a large brown dog in the fields close to where I live.

I patted it and spoke to it and next thing it had me in a nasty doggy grip. I dragged the dog about five hundred yards to where I lived before I could shake it off. Being only 9 I only had the vaguest idea about why the dog did this.

My dad was outraged and wanted to go out and find the dog but my mother though it was funny!

sherish Tue 24-Feb-15 08:35:39

At the dawn of tumble dryers I went to work with a pair of highly static knickers clinging for grim death to an acrylic cardigan I had quickly dried before I left home. The boys in the office had a ball! I never lived it down.

Katek Tue 24-Feb-15 08:57:56

Falconbird.....I am crying with laughter! It must have been an alarming experience but there was just something in the way you wrote it.

Katek Tue 24-Feb-15 09:03:10

One of mine (there are many) happened several years ago when I was stage managing a production of Cinderella and also running the sound effects. We got to the stroke of midnight and I had cued up the wrong effect so no chimes at midnight as she ran off. Improvising madly I adopted my best sepulchral voice and said 'boing' 12 times. The audience were in fits.....took me a long time to live that one down.

whenim64 Tue 24-Feb-15 09:16:18

So many.....outside a cafe in Buxton, about to go in with (now ex) husband and very young children. Husband was dithering as usual whilst I shepherded four children through the door. As husband dodged customers who were leaving, he jumped to one side to avoid a stroller and managed to put his foot into the metal and wood display board parked outside, then in a panic dragged the clanging thing through the doorway whilst leaping around like John Cleese trying to shake it off. I stood there with a look of horror on my face whilst two young waitresses tried to extract him from it, convulsed with laughter.

Another.....just got engaged and off to the airport on holiday. My fiancé dropped his hand luggage on the escalater and followed it back down, landing in a heap at the bottom. I left him there and found a corner to hide in whilst he did the walk of shame in front of puzzled airport staff.

Falconbird Tue 24-Feb-15 09:22:48

Thanks Katek I guess it did have a funny side. I was much more wary of dogs after that experience. Well done with the improvised bell. smile

MamaCaz Tue 24-Feb-15 12:15:51

Put on the spot, I can't think of mine. Strange how they all come back to haunt me in the middle of the night though, if I can't sleep.

My younger son has many though - his biggest to date was getting stuck naked outside his hotel room in the middle of the night last year, having mistaken the bathroom door and the exit door. He spent half an hour wandering around naked, trying to find a way of alerting someone on reception of his predicament without being seen. He finally realised that there was an alert button in a lift, thank goodness. A straight-faced employee brought him a key card so he could get back in, but DS got the distinct impression in the morning that everyone knew about it, including his colleagues (it was a works conference, and until then, not many people knew who he was!). We have often wondered if the staff had seen him roaming around on CCTV!