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When it comes to obtuseness...

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thatbags Wed 15-Apr-15 06:52:01

...MrBags is up there with the champs. After a 4010 start, I'm just back from accompanying him to Glasgow Airport (so that I could drive the car back). On the way he was fidgeting with his coat while driving. Then he said: "Have you got your phone with you?"
Me: Yes.
Him: Can I have it?
Me: Then what would I have?
Him: My iPhone.
Me: Where is it?
Him: On the bed.

Then followed a conversation of my phone lock pin as he'll have to switch it off on the plane, and talk about the ocntact addresses he needs which, naturally, are on his iPhone. Blah, blah.

Who else, like me, would just have said: "Blast! I've left my phone on the bed. Can I borrow yours?" right at the beginning?

Anne58 Wed 15-Apr-15 07:36:02


Nelliemoser Wed 15-Apr-15 08:07:53

Oh heavens . being a man he probably did not want to actually admit he had forgotten his.

vampirequeen Wed 15-Apr-15 08:11:40

I'm surprised it wasn't your fault for not asking him if he had it before you set off lol

Lona Wed 15-Apr-15 08:26:58

Why on earth did you leave it on the bed bags?

ginny Wed 15-Apr-15 08:27:08

Sounds like a typical conversation in our house.

Nelliemoser Last week we took our caravan to where it is stored and were going on to see our DD1. Having left the van we were 10 minutes on the way when DH couldn't decide if he had locked up or not. I rang DD to say we would be a bit late and why. DH was really cross that I had told her the reason !

I think men (in general) do find it harder than women to accept that they are fallible.

pompa Wed 15-Apr-15 08:28:02

Too right it was your fault, what is a wife for, if not to ensure her husband is properly equipped before he leaves home. No excuse for sloppy wifing.

baubles Wed 15-Apr-15 08:31:02

Great start to the day bags smile

pompa grin

merlotgran Wed 15-Apr-15 08:38:51

Do what I do and start chanting, 'Phone, glasses, keys, money, tickets, passport' before he's got anywhere near the door.

DH has just gone fishing so for tickets and passport substitute maggots and sandwiches. grin

Teetime Wed 15-Apr-15 08:45:27

Yep that's how it goes in this house too except that DH always starts the conversation in the middle and I have to keep up.

pompa Wed 15-Apr-15 08:59:52

Merlotgran. 10/10 for you, perfect wifing, assuming of course that the maggots are separate from the sarnies.

NotTooOld Wed 15-Apr-15 10:32:02

All the above applies to our house. Why do men never put a subject in their sentences. DH says things like 'Where the b****y hell is it?' and then gets cross because I don't know what he is talking about.

ginny - I totally recognise what you are saying and I'm pleased to hear I am not the only one to have noticed it. You are so right, men do not like anything being their fault, it always has to be the fault of someone else - usuallt wifey. grin

loopylou Wed 15-Apr-15 11:45:24

I even got the blame when DH vacuumed up half a ball of wool + the almost finished sleeve of a jumper for DGS, completely b....ring up the vacuum cleaner, when I was out at work!
He swore he didn't do it......[ hmm] and it took him 2 hours to sort it out (what a pity!)

MiniMouse Wed 15-Apr-15 12:04:12

pompa I dare you to show MrsP your posts on here wink

jo1book Wed 15-Apr-15 12:06:14

It's my fault that I booked a holiday, starting on Sunday, therefore depriving him of going to Wembley to see Aston Villa.

merlotgran Wed 15-Apr-15 12:45:33

Smart move, jo1

pompa Wed 15-Apr-15 12:49:17

MM, Mrs. P is well aware of my posts, doesn't suprise her, I'm just as provocative at home.

Coolgran65 Wed 15-Apr-15 13:04:04

DH always always grills bacon for breakfast and I have to listen to his choice language while he always has to flaff the smoke alarm and usually ends up disconnecting it for a few minutes.

My suggestion - use the George Foreman like I do. No smoke, no flames, co alarm.
His reply..... he likes to use the grill. !!!
Methinks he doesn't want to admit my way is best.

jo1book Wed 15-Apr-15 13:12:32

It strikes me that on a daily basis husbands come near to death. I remember my mother saying she this overwhelming desire to launch a killing blow on top of my step-father head as he walked downstairs. Mind you, he did have another woman.

Agus Wed 15-Apr-15 13:13:47

DH has just returned from the point earned for taking the rubbish away.

When I asked him why he didn't take the broken parasol that I had left beside the wheelie he said he didn't know it was for tossing. I told him a couple of days ago I was binning it!.......minus two points.

He has left home on ocassion

Without his glasses
Without his phone
Gone shopping without his doubt my fault [despair emoticon]

janeainsworth Wed 15-Apr-15 13:18:45

I am expected to know the whereabouts of all the little pieces of paper MrA has written important stuff on and then distributed in no logical fashion around the house.
And, oddly, the names of the wives/partners of his mates. He usually waits till halfway through dialling the mate's telephone number before seeking this information.

Stansgran Wed 15-Apr-15 13:22:10

The leaving the house mantra for gentlemen
Spectacles ,testicles, wallet and watch.
Someone could add phone, keys and handkerchief to those but the chant isn't the same

AshTree Wed 15-Apr-15 13:40:01

I don't think my DH has ever left the house without the second item on your list Stansgran - but then again, it isn't something I would check as he's about to walk through the front door ... grin

ninathenana Wed 15-Apr-15 13:41:04

DH is pretty good at remembering his phone etc. What he's no bloody good at is remembering to turn it on!

soontobe Wed 15-Apr-15 13:54:27

Mine often leaves out a vital piece of information in a sentence. And I am left to guess what it is.
Sentences such as, "I am going to town"
me : when?
Him : Maybe this afternoon.