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What games do you play?

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Humbertbear Tue 28-Apr-15 09:10:08

We are not great games players. Other than Scrabble and Ma Jong we don't really indulge. We've just been to stay with friends and they introduced us to Bananagrams ( where you make crosswords with letter tiles) and Triominoes ( like dominoes but with triangular tiles). We quite enjoyed these and want to find something to play when they come to stay with us. All recommendations welcome!

vampirequeen Tue 28-Apr-15 09:27:32

We still play children's games like Ker-plunk and Frustration but then we still have young children every weekend.

Greyduster Tue 28-Apr-15 09:36:06

There is a game called Ingenious which our eight year old GS and all the adults in the family, enjoy. You have to place tiles with different coloured symbols to score points (the scoring system takes a bit of getting used to and can be a bit contentious but that's part of the fun!). DH, who is not fond of board games as a rule, loves this.

KatyK Tue 28-Apr-15 09:48:28

Our granddaughter used to love Connect 4. We still have it here somewhere. She also liked Jenga and loved playing cards, simple things like snap used to have her in fits of laughter. Even old fashioned games like snakes and ladders went down well. smile

KatyK Tue 28-Apr-15 09:49:24

Also Guess Who is good and doing jigsaws together.

henetha Tue 28-Apr-15 10:03:08

Scrabble, Scrabble, and then more Scrabble. I play it online, on my DS Nintendo, on my tablet, on my smart phone, and sometimes, if I have company, on the old fashioned board.
I quite like Scrabble. grin

merlotgran Tue 28-Apr-15 10:03:49

The favourite game last Christmas was Scattergories. It's been around a while but is having a second outing in our house with the youngest DGCs now enjoying it.

It's quite hilarious when you mix the age groups. The younger ones take it seriously but the older boys????

Q. Name a dairy product beginning with R.

A. (from 18 yr old) Runs.

Me - You can't have that. How can that be anything to do with dairy products?

Him - Well.....if you were lactose intolerant....

They have an answer for everything. grin

absent Tue 28-Apr-15 10:18:07

The games I play with the children include various "levels" of dominoes – i.e. some with pictures, some with colours or shapes, some with numbers and pictures and some with the traditional dots, Monopoly (doesn't that go on and on?) and Cluedo. I like to play backgammon, sometimes quite obsessively. I tend to play against the computer but I have taught the children how to play it on a backgammon board and they love it – although we don't use the gambling dice.We also play, as adults and children, the Captain's Mistress which is a forerunner of Connect 4 but in a wooden frame with polished wooden balls instead of plastic discs. I have taught my eldest grandson to play chess, although I am not a very good player myself, and various traditional card games also amuse all of them – sevens, go fish, donkey, clock patience. Somewhere I have a nine men's morris board which I'll dig out when I have moment.

As far as party games are concerned, I have a weakness for "in the manner of the word" when you have to act out – in silence – your chosen adverb, such as lazily, aggressively, or rapidly, when the guessers ask you do something, such as walk across the room or drink a glass of water, "in the manner of the word".

harrigran Tue 28-Apr-15 10:35:43

We play all the usual board games with GC and we also play memory with the youngest because she can not read well enough to play grown up games. GD1 likes to play card games so I play with her.

Greyduster Tue 28-Apr-15 12:50:15

A good board game for adults and older children is Best of British. Very entertaining!

Greyduster Tue 28-Apr-15 12:51:22

And Logo!

janerowena Tue 28-Apr-15 13:57:51

Our very favourite game, which none of us ever tire of despite various forays into other games, is The Great Game of Britain, where you are trains and have to make it back to London but people keep sending you all over the UK and NI. It's great for your geographical knowledge. It's easy to pick up, which is a great help.

Greenfinch Tue 28-Apr-15 14:42:29

Articulate and Balderdash are good word games and Pictionary for those who are able(or unable) to draw. Taboo, Boggle and Family Fortunes are good too. They are all quite simple to play ie the rules are not difficult.

CariGransnet (GNHQ) Tue 28-Apr-15 14:45:43

For me - Scrabble
With DD - Uno and Frustration are current favourites

loopylou Tue 28-Apr-15 17:25:59

Cranium and an ancient version of Trivial Pursuit that definitely favours the older generation (35 years old!)
I love Connect 4, no idea what happened to our set, must get DH to check in attic (he's supposed to be sorting out all the stuff he shoved up there 19 years ago, but doesn't appear to be getting--on with it-- very far)

pompa Tue 28-Apr-15 18:25:51

Scrabble on-line and snake and ladders in the Kitchen smile

rosequartz Tue 28-Apr-15 18:32:42

We are into Peppa Pig matching pairs at the moment
DGD2 age 3 is much quicker and better at it than me.

I like Trivial Pursuit and quizzes but DH doesn't.

rosequartz Tue 28-Apr-15 18:35:26

Oh sorry, you wanted suggestions Humbertbear

Um ..... not Peppa Pig then!

Anne58 Tue 28-Apr-15 18:56:29

A game that was loved by everyone who I knew that played it was "Masterpiece, the Art Auction Game" unfortunately no longer in production but it can be bought on Ebay for a quite frightening amount of money! shock

loopylou Tue 28-Apr-15 18:57:25

grin pompa you'll confuse Humbertbear!

pompa Tue 28-Apr-15 19:00:34

We like Rummikub

Wheniwasyourage Tue 28-Apr-15 20:33:41

Oh yes, Rummikub! We used to play it regularly but haven't for years and I don't know why. Wonder where it is... (plans expedition to the wild and woolly garage containing no car but 2 storeys of boxes).

Yahtzee and Whot?. Pit when there are enough DC and DGC around.

NanKate Tue 28-Apr-15 21:40:24

I have been playing Rummikub all afternoon with my WI friends. It is fun stimulating and every game is different.

TwiceAsNice Wed 29-Apr-15 06:23:32

We all play trivial pursuit as a family. We have the 90's and millennium versions. The grandchildren love top trumps which you can get in lots of themed editions, how to train your dragon is the current favourite. I used to love cluedo when I was much younger

PRINTMISS Wed 29-Apr-15 07:42:13

Scrabble and Rummikub, but I do not understand the scoring in that!