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soop Mon 07-Sep-15 16:28:12

Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cupcake flowers wine sunshine smile

Lona Mon 07-Sep-15 16:29:30

Snap! grin

Lona Mon 07-Sep-15 16:32:47

I've reported my thread so hopefully GNHQ will remove it.

soop Mon 07-Sep-15 16:32:47

Here we are again
Happy as can be
All good friends and
Jolly good company.

Never mind the weather
Never mind the rain
As long as we're together
Woops she goes again.

Our computer has been playing silly b*****s. I have been tearing my hair out because I didn't wish to leave any of you lot waiting outside the kitchen door.

I shall need to scroll back to catch up with the messages that I haven't had a chance to read.

In the meantime (((hugs))) all round.

And a preview of the elderly collie dog watercolour.

soop Mon 07-Sep-15 16:33:21

Lona what have you been up to? wink

Charleygirl Mon 07-Sep-15 16:36:27

We can now relax soop- I do like the doggy portrait.

soop Mon 07-Sep-15 16:46:04

Thank you Charleygirl . I now need to stop fiddling with it, prop it where I can look at it throughout the evening and then decide what needs attention. This is the hard part.

Tomorrow I shall be visiting the ladies in the care home. I have photos of the crow feeding the cat and dog. If they didn't believe me last week...they will this.

Lovely sunshine has reached us. The sea is beribboned with a variety of shades of blue. smile

soop Mon 07-Sep-15 16:49:43

The easel, purchased on eBay, works well until I happen to lean on the board. It has collapsed three times since I started the portrait. My language can be very, very unladylike. hmm

Lona Mon 07-Sep-15 17:01:59

The painting is looking good soop smile you'll just have to stop leaning!

soop Mon 07-Sep-15 17:05:09

So droll! Now then Lona you haven't answered my nosy question. wink

soop Mon 07-Sep-15 17:22:14

I must away. Stuff to do. Will be back later tomorrow morning. Enjoy your Monday evening. moon

thatbags Mon 07-Sep-15 17:44:44

Oh golly! Another new extension! Just as cosy and welcoming as ever though. Ladies are allowed to swear on purpose, soop. The definition of a lady is someone who is never rude except on purpose wink

Luckygirl Mon 07-Sep-15 17:46:01

Congratulations on your 2011th posts soop - or is it 3011? I have lost count.

We are soaking up the incredible beauty of a a quiet late summer day - so beautiful. Let us hope there will be more to come and a real Indian summer.

Judthepud2 Mon 07-Sep-15 20:13:56

Hello all. Just popping in to see the new extension and admire your pic Soop How I wish I was gifted artistically! I am not! Even my colouring in falls short as I am still learning what goes with what. I find sparkly gel pens go a long way to overcoming the mistakes grin

I envy you all basking in your renewed heatwave. STILL dull and cold here and I am wearing my thermal vest! shock

Crafting Mon 07-Sep-15 21:24:21

Ahem! Excuse me but where's the cake and bubbly? I've trudged all the way here from the old kitchen expecting to find the usual offerings and not a drop of bubbly or a cake crumb to be found sad. thatbags fancy coming into a new kitchen without your yummy flapjacks shock Lona isn't your specialty lemon drizzle?

Well I've no option but to set to and start baking. At this time of night indeed. I will just have a wine or two while I wait for the oven to warm up.

Crafting Mon 07-Sep-15 21:26:41

Sorry soop forgot to mention your portrait looks really good smile

numberplease Mon 07-Sep-15 22:08:34

Painting looking good Soop, is it for a GN member?
I`m delaying having to do my online Asda order, a job I hate, but it`ll have to be done soon, or I won`t get my Wednesday delivery slot.
Kitchen`s looking nice Soop, who did the decorating?

kittylester Tue 08-Sep-15 06:23:05

Found you!, I'm so glad you did that baking crafting - yummy!

loopylou Tue 08-Sep-15 06:57:42

Love the portrait soop!
New kitchen looking lovely, I'll put the kettle on as I need a very large coffee before I start packing up the car and head for the Lake District grin DH already muttering about getting a move on or 'we'll hit the traffic' hmm, not sure why the heck we he should a) hit anything let alone traffic and b) imagine that the M4/M5/M6 would ever be empty of other road users!

Alea Tue 08-Sep-15 08:59:51

Morning Kitcheners!
Sorry I wasn't around to share the grand opening (see the NHS thread) but look forward to Kaffee und Kuchen as life calms down.

Galen Tue 08-Sep-15 09:31:42

Hi all from sunny Livorno!

kittylester Tue 08-Sep-15 09:35:29

Hi Galen envy

annodomini Tue 08-Sep-15 09:40:40

Buon giorno, Galen. envy Lovely dog picture, soop, inspite of your collapsing easel. Lovely morning here. Some of the trees are now looking a bit 'tired' - soon the leaves will turn and it really will be autumn.

Bellasnana Tue 08-Sep-15 12:53:47

Oh so this is where you are all gathering. I got lost on the way from the old extension but the smell of Crafting's baking finally led me here grin

Love the dog portrait, soop and can well imagine the expletives when your easel collapsed. Very similar to my expletives last night as I watched our Andy get beaten by Kevin Anderson angry

Today is my last day in the UK. I will feel very sad to leave my poorly sister, but it is time for me to return to Malta and face up to life as a widow.

My cat, Zim, has been missing for five days so I am very anxious to get back and search for her. She does wander off but not usually for so long. I am trying to be confident that she will return to the fold. Fingers crossed.

Thanks for the brew and cupcake smile

Charleygirl Tue 08-Sep-15 13:06:50

Bella Zim knows that she has been deserted while you visited your poorly sister. With luck the minx will come home and put your mind at rest. Life is traumatic enough without that bundle of fur adding to it, you do not deserve it. You need flowers to face what is ahead on your own.

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