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Dishwasher tabs

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Alea Wed 16-Sep-15 21:54:40

I have always bought the "best" all singing, all dancing i.e.all in one tabs/blobs for my dishwasher, assuming they were the best for the machine and for results.They always seem to be "on offer" in whichever supermarket which mitigated the extortionate price. £ 12 for 30 or so, ridiculous! Anyway this week found I was almost out, and shock horror they were not on special offer in Waitburys - so silly price. As I am on a bit of an economy drive I settled for the "own brand" - £4 for 30.
Any good? Brilliant cleaning, and as I use salt and rinse aid as well, I do wonder why I have let myself be ripped off all these years.
Other views?

soontobe Wed 16-Sep-15 21:58:28

Own brand from where?

I tend to mix and match. Fairy for heavy wash [Finish not very good in my machine] and the cheapest tablets I can find for easy washes.

annsixty Wed 16-Sep-15 21:59:14

Since I started shopping at Aldi I have used their dishwasher tabs. However
I do use rinse aid and have to go to Sainsbury's for that (own brand ) as Aldi do not sell one yet.

soontobe Wed 16-Sep-15 22:00:49

Ah. Waitburys I presume.

Luckygirl Wed 16-Sep-15 22:02:50

It definitely is a rip-off - I always buy the own brand ones; they are a fraction of the price of the branded ones.

Greyduster Wed 16-Sep-15 22:15:13

I've been using Aldi ones for ages. No complaints.

ninathenana Wed 16-Sep-15 23:51:38

I use Aldi ones and Aldi salt. It's odd and annoying that they don't do rinse aid.

Stansgran Thu 17-Sep-15 11:07:46

I go to the pound shop for mine.

Heirofthedog Thu 17-Sep-15 11:18:36

I was the same - always used the special Finish ones that promised to do everything bar stack and unload the machine. And then we went on holiday to france with family and someone bought the own brand ones which worked perfectly. have been a convert ever since.

A frugal friend once suggested cutting them in half and said it works perfectly fine too. Never got round to doing that though - too much of a faff!

Alea Thu 17-Sep-15 11:25:09

You mean your Finish tabs didn't stack and unload the machine, Heirofthedog?
You should have gone for the "new, improved, ultimate" version grin

How do we, as intelligent women, get conned by retailers?

Nonnie Thu 17-Sep-15 11:54:13

Apparently a mug of white vinegar and a warm wash will clean your dishwasher but I wouldn't know, I'm not allowed to use ours as I do it all wrong! grin

Pittcity Thu 17-Sep-15 11:54:50

I used to love the Co-op own brand but they discontinued the premium ones and the ordinary ones just don't cut it. I will have to try Aldi.

rosesarered Thu 17-Sep-15 11:59:56

Living in a very hard water area, we use salt and rinse aid as well as the tabs with red bits in the middle, have tried other combinations, but that is what works best here. We always compare the tiny info labels at the supermarket ( on the shelf) which tells you how much each individual tab is,
This way you are sure of the best deal.If you are lucky enough to live in a soft water area, you can probably get away with much cheaper ones.

petitpois Thu 17-Sep-15 15:42:34

I put a small bowl (that's what Gu pots are good for!) of vinegar in the empty dishwasher every now and again and do an intense cycle. Sparkles when I'm done. Also gave up using the branded products ages ago (much to Himself's disgust). He is a marketer's dream...

Gagagran Thu 17-Sep-15 16:00:32

I always use Aldi Magnum ones - not the ordinary Aldi ones as they are not as good. The Magnum ones got a "Which" best buy and are excellent. And cheap. wink

annodomini Thu 17-Sep-15 16:06:29

I tend to look out for special offers in Waitrose - yes,they do have them sometimes - and stock up with whatever I know to be effective. We are lucky enough to have soft water, so salt is unnecessary though I use rinse aid if/when I remember.

Welshwife Thu 17-Sep-15 16:11:35

I use the Finish Classic ones which I normally can get at a good price - and also rinse aid and salt. I read some time ago that the all in ones do not always release the right ingredient at the right time but the separate bits do as released by the section of the cycle the machine has reached. Before I leave the house for any trips I put a cleaning thingy through and then leave the door slightly ajar - held by a tea towel.

kittylester Thu 17-Sep-15 16:41:36

I buy the super duper ones when they are on offer so sometimes it is impossible to shut the door under the sink and other times I start to panic that we will run out.

Isn't it a bit too cold to be talking Magnums now - I thought they were only for Wimbledon watching, gaga! grin

petra Thu 17-Sep-15 19:00:42

Alea. You ask: how do we, intelligent women, get conned by retailers ?
Too much money.

downtoearth Thu 17-Sep-15 19:03:14

use Tesco own (not economy,they not so good) £5 for 60 job done,but they don't load/unload either..

Nelliemoser Thu 17-Sep-15 23:49:48

Aldi Magnum chez moi. They seem to work well.

grannymoo Fri 18-Sep-15 10:08:30

Hi, I always use powder much cheaper than the tabs which don't dissolve fully in my dishwasher. It last for ages and does a great job at half the price of the well known brands.

Promise Fri 18-Sep-15 10:10:46

I alternate good on offer and Tescos value..don't really see a lot of neither unload/load! Which report suggested there was a difference but....

HazelGreen Fri 18-Sep-15 10:31:56

Yes I stick with powder, I like to vary amount and never liked idea of handling tablet... so powerful on skin. I do find it hard to source powder though. Certainly beats tablet for value. I found Rinseaid last week in Aldi.

midgey Fri 18-Sep-15 10:44:40

The man who came to fix my dishwasher years ago said it doesn't matter what you use but you should always use the matching rinse aid etc. I use washing soda to clean mine.